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Adventures In Daydreams – Spirits Of The Forest EP [Tact Recordings TACTDIG003] (2014)


The recent British imprint of Tact Recordings, a new label formed by a collective of 4 djs and producers (Bruce Jordan [Aura], Nick Burgoyne, Richard ‘RJ’ Fletcher and Sam Monaghan) for their next EP (reference 3 on the label) brings an excellent and wonderful EP consists of 4 tracks by new duo based in Leeds of Adventures In Daydreams (Richard ‘RJ’ Fletcher and Alex Brown) with 4 compositions of techno quality, melodic, influenced by sounds of House, Bass or even Postdubset; opening the EP with 9 delicious minutes of ‘Sometimes’ with these fragile synths in the beginning and then those raw bass sounds, with an excellent melody, ‘Sinking Feeling’ a track dream, magic, arpeggiated melodies, brilliant sequences, and very dynamic development thereof; ‘Erect Saw’ with soft synths, bubbling sounds, and bass raw, and ‘Further Information’ incorporating some elements of house on the composirion, fusioned with the melodies and the more melodic elements of the track. Excellent 4 tracks.

Adventures In Daydreams – Spirits Of The Forest EP [Tact Recordings TACTDIGI003] (2014-05-05)
1 Adventures In Daydreams – Sometimes (Original Mix) 8:47
2 Adventures In Daydreams – Sinking Feeling (Original Mix) 7:17
3 Adventures In Daydreams – Saw Erect (Original Mix) 7:38
4 Adventures In Daydreams – Further Information (Original Mix) 7:16

And to complete the release of this EP, the duo of Adventures In Daydreams itself have recorded a podcast for the label


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