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Boot & Tax – Fusci [Optimo Trax OT008] (2014)


In December 2013 the sub-label of Optimo Music, Optimo Trax published a pump to the dance floor, the debut of the duo from Milan of Boot & Tax and the EP ‘Acido’, a track with success in many dance floors and in DJ sets of many artists, and now 4 new tracks arrive by Boot & Tax, another reference with great success, and the vinyl is Out of Stock on Juno, 4 tracks that continue with that distinctive, personal style and great variety of influences in their compositions for the sole purpose of making us dance, opening the EP with more than 7 minutes of dark and hypnotic ‘Fusci’ incorporating some vocals and guitars that trap us and make us mad; in ‘Confuzed House’ rhythms bring us more about Chicago House with the personal touch of the duo, another crazy track with some nice female laughter; dark, darkwave, post-punk on ‘Ochhi Blu’ excellent with more than 8 minutes, with vocals, bass and excellent guitar; and closing this excellent EP with ‘Il Canto’ with tribal rhythms, African percussion, tribal vocal loops, as a tribal dance. Killer release.

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