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Bulb – Light It Up / Dimmer Switch [Crimes Of The Future] (2015)


The british imprint of Crimes Of The Future, founded in 2013 and runned by producers Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay, with exclusive publications on vinyl, this week publishes the reference number 8 in the label, and so presents the new formation of Bulb, some jams recorded in the spring of 2014 on the travel to New York from the British producers of Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay alongside with artist from New York of Willie Burns (aka Black Deer, Grackle, Speculator), so these 3 artists come together, put in place their machines and start to improvise, a few improvisations collecting in this 12″ debut is 2 of these electronic jams, a few cuts of 10 to 11 minutes each one, some delicious cosmic trips.

Opening this debut of Bulb in Crimes Of The Future with ‘Light It Up’, where with some totally cosmic atmospheres mixing rates more techno breaks in this first experiment, more than 11 minutes that lead us to those improvisations of the 70s-80s in the German electronic, a wonderful trip with excellent development and a completely hypnotic progression. In the second jam, called ‘Dimmer Switch’, the trio explores some darker atmospheres, without losing the cosmic essence, a most mysterious sound and techno, mysterious and strange sounds that are attached to melodies something more psychedelic. Amazing release.

Bulb – Light It Up / Dimmer Switch [Crimes Of The Future COTF 008] (7 September, 2015)
Side 1
1. Bulb – Light It Up (Original Mix) 11:29
Side 2
1. Bulb – Dimmer Switch (Original Mix) 10:35

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