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DBFC – Leave My Room EP [Her Majesty’s Ship HMS014] (2014)


On Monday, October 20 is the date designated by the French label of Her Majesty’s Ship for the release of the anticipated debut of the new project of DBFC, an EP on red vinyl and digital edition, a project that is auto defines as ‘not a band, it’s Club’ and is made up of producers of Dombrance & David Shaw accompanied by percussionist Guillaume Rossel and bassist Antoine Reiningera, a debut made up with 4 tracks, 4 excellent tracks in which unite electronic sounds, disco, with guitars, bass, drums, remind the legendary sound of Manchester, an EP that opens with the incredible and brutal ‘Leave My Room’, with a percussions and mysteries vocals on the intro of the track, to begin the rest of instruments and make us move without stoppingan, amazing track of presentation; with the relaxing and melancholy ‘Staying Home’ with a crescendo of instruments and an excellent final part of the track; classic synths in the short ‘Bright Light’, with a catchy beats and completing the EP with ‘Humdrum’ and its vibrant, and contagious rhythms with very good vibes.

DBFC – Leave My Room EP [Her Majesty’s Ship HMS014] (20 October, 2014)
1. Leave My Room
2. Staying Home
3. Bright Light
4. Humdrum

And complementing the launch, they have recently released a mixtape Trans Musicales

DBFC – Staying Home
Curtis Mayfiled – Pusherman
Ian dury – Wake up and Make Love With Me
Supergrass – Diamond Hoo Ha Man
Paul Mc Cartney – Temporary Secretary
DAF – Kebab Traume
Subway – Outbreak
The Immortals – The Ultimate Warlord
David Shaw and the Beat – No More White Horses (Dombrance Remix)
Dombrance – The Witch (David Shaw and The Beat Remix)
Mijo – Para Pura


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