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Exclusive Interview with Zombies In Miami [Correspondant / Biologic] (2014)


Exclusive interview with the duo from Aguascalientes (Mexico) Zombies In Miami (Jenice & Canibal) continues to grow and having your own personal style with 2 long European tours and publications on labels like Mexican Electrique, or last year Biologic Records with Morgan Hammer, today its participation in the label Correspondant (Jennifer Cardini) one more step, with them we had this interview about his past, present, and future plans …..

CLGSince your 2011 release on mexican label Electrique Music to your now Jennifer Cardini‘s Correspondant release, your music has been evolved and changed, How would you explain this evolution?

Zombies In MiamiHas been a long term process, I think we always had to tend to sound like we do now, we can appreciate that in our live shows but not in our releases, maybe the influences but not 100%. Now we see the evolution reflected in a thousand ways, the experience acquired with our gear, our personal taste, even the experiences led us to shape our music this way. This sound has been acquired over time and we really love it, we feel it very personal and deep. We have not sought resemble something, of course there are influences but we already feel it as our own sound. That Ep “Cyborg” we did on Electrique Music was super fun to produce, to date we still playing the track “Prohibido”, it is always a “hottie” for the middle of the set.

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CLGFrom Currently Mexican Scene, you have a very personal sound, different from other Mexican projects, How do you see the Mexican Scene? How do you see yourselves inside the Mexican Scene?

Zombies In MiamiMexico is in a constant growth over the scene, there are very interesting projects currently sounding all around the world, Rebolledo himself, Maloso, Balcazar & Sordo, La Royale, Iñigo, Lokier. There are many of them with great works, totally worth a shot, specially there is a lot of good parties and a friendly scene. We not usually play very often, we like to be ‘low profile’ for a while and to have another season playing in good parties.

CLG In the last 2 years, You have been touring Europe, increasingly intense touring different countries, What is for you to be on tour in Europe? How do you see the European public’s acceptance of your music?

Zombies In MiamiThere are a thousand things that do represent these tours, especially new people to interact with either the same club / dancefloor and people from the scene, we love to know new cultures. It’s very cool to see how people react to listen to our music for the first time, as well as surprises us to get to a place and they know what you’re doing, they know you and they are up to date to what we are doing as a project. We can’t wait to return this 2014! So far it has been wonderful to be going year after year, to see that there is great acceptance and response and to know places I never thought I will known.

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CLGHow is your creative process? Which instruments/software do you use in the studio? What about the Live setup? Which sequencer do you use?

Zombies In MiamiWe do have a very similar setup in studio as the one we use for live sets, we also use it in a similar way as we do for our live performances. We do use Ableton Live as platform, and we been using an analog Roland MC-307 for the last year and a half for the same thing. Kaoss Pad1, Microkorg, Midi Controllers, Pedals and the Mopho. We almost don’t any vst but there’s Hypersonic and Minimoog. We don’t have a rule to start producing, sometimes one of us starts something and we keep it up, even things that comes to mind in any place we grab the mobil phone to record it then we go to the studio to write it down as demo. We have a good time 🙂

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CLGYour live performances could be very long duration, How do you prepare the live show?

Zombies In MiamiVEEEERY LONG! As several people has perceived, it could be from 1up to 4 hours because we have a lot of own productions, to have a lot of loops to play blending them with hardware gear basically gives you so much options to improvise, so if there’s chance to extend ourselves, we do it, and even more when they ask. There was a time in Barcelona they told us to play just one hour, and we were like “Oh c’mon! let’s play 3 hours, we are in the mood” it was a night to remember at the Moog. Every performance is different we don’t do the same track order or the same sequence, and that’s even much enjoyable.

CLGLast year, you collaborated with Morgan Hammer on the ‘Levitation’ EP for Biologic (label), How was that collaboration? Any new collaborations coming up?

Zombies In MiamiIt was a ‘familiar’ collab. Very simple because it was some sort of ‘I’ll send you the stems and you keep it from there’ so Morgan has been sending very personal stuff and we did the same with our stuff which together became a good work with great acceptance and we look forward to do a new one in the future. About new collabs, there’s one coming up with Lokier called “Roller Bit” and will be released by La Dame Noir. And of course another collab that is a bomb coming soon!

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CLGYou has been remixed by great talented producers such as Red Axes, Man Power, Capablanca, With whom would you like to work or to be remixed by?

Zombies In MiamiWe love the work they has done as remixers, they did fantastic things, We’d love to work with a lot of people but we have two we believe we could do fantastic things, first with our friends COMA, excellent musicians with a neat live performance, and with our platonic love The Twins, would be epic, there’s something mutual that we think someday will unite us forever. We love them! And about remixes we could not miss Pachanga Boys who always make outstanding stuff.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/112448077″ iframe=”true” /]
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CLGHow would you define your new EP for Correspondant?

Zombies In Miami“This is not the End” is a breakthrough to the Zombies in Miami ‘new era’, a most centered sound to what we have in mind now, the sound and rhythm variations with a full of feelings atmospheres. Starting with “This is not the End” representing the release, marking a new era. “Interlude” is a jam that came up super cool and luckily we recorded it. About the remixes, great work from Capablanca and Man Power!

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/133083326″ iframe=”true” /]
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/133083327″ iframe=”true” /]

CLGAny projects or new stuff coming up?

Zombies In MiamiFirst of all our Correspondant EP, then a new EP coming out through La Dame Noir with remixes by Matt Walsh, Demian, Iñigo and Forty Fings Dynamo, all of them did an outstanding work!. Also a cover version to Matias Aguayo soon to be out, and a new project known as “Cani” that soon we’ll able to hear. Of course there are many things coming up but it will be known in due time. We also think on doing an Album, we already have some tracks, but still working.

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A lot Of Thanks to Zombies In Miami


Como Las Grecas Team.


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