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FLXXX – Puck 1985 EP [Nein Records] (2015)


The British imprint of Nein Records (runned by Tronik Youth) continues its unstoppable new references, for the new reference presents a debut, a debut that arrives from Puebla (Mexico) with FLXXX, a duo and formed by Mega Ands & Alfredo Montessori, a debut that comes after that last year published in Free Download their ‘Stanford EP’ with 3 cuts from the mexican duo, and now comes the debut officially with ‘Puck 1985 EP’, an EP which FLXXX presents 3 new cuts, a cuts with long developments, between 6 and 9 minutes, in perfect harmony with the music line of the label, slow tempos, dark and strange atmospheres, a debut which is complemented with 2 remixes, the first from Sheffield with the producer Jonty Rose who has already released some remixes in the imprint of Emerald & Doreen Recordings (for the artist Romin, Rubber Lips and Mikael Fas) and a 12″ on Tusk Wax, and the second remix, from Mexico with Juan Soto, with tracks and remixes on labels such as Nurvous Records, ISM Recordings, Undertones Gang Records, Tom Tom Disco, Nang Records, Electrique Music or Santa Esperanza, and his debut album, from last year, published in the Mexican label of Sicario Music.

This new EP on Nein Records with the debut of the mexican duo of FLXXX opens with more than 8 minutes of ‘Puck 1985’, some strange sounds and percussion gives entrance to this cosmic and hypnotic trip with touches of psychedelic to accompany this delicious trip to FLXXX galaxy; with more than 9 minutes and the second cut called ‘Moon Roulette’ where distortions are taking shape, and transform into melodies with touches of acid, with a few percussions and galactic synths to create this more epic journey through distant galaxies and start a battle of sounds; and the last original cut, ‘Exodus’ leads to a more dark and apocalyptic, mystery-filled atmospheres.

For remixes, first with Jonty Rose and his remix for ‘Puck 1985’, raising the tempo the orignal, and leading the remix to sound more for in the dance floor. For his part, the producer of Juan Soto with a remix to ‘Exodus’, a remix in which increase the dark atmospheres, the forcefulness, more raw sound, late hours in a dark club.

FLXXX – Puck 1985 EP [Nein Records NEIN 048] (11 September, 2015)
1 Puck 1985 (original mix) 08:16
2 Moon Roulette (original mix) 09:12
3 Exodo (Original Mix) 06:02
4 Puck 1985 (Jonty Rose mix) 07:04
5 Exodo (Juan Soto Mix) 06:13

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