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Freudenthal – The Sapiosexuals EP [Nein Records] (2015)


Ends the month of August, the vacation, and the British imprint of Nein Records continues with the release of new references, new surprises, like the last reference of this summer, with the German Dj, producer and organizing of events of Thomas Freudenthal, resident in the clubs of Kater Blau and Crack Bellmer in Berlin, and that under the alias of Lust n Love published in 2013 an EP for the label KaterMukke where gave out his devotion by sounds more vintage, Rockabilly, 50s rock, and that as Freudenthal now reaches the Nein Records with an excellent EP called ‘The Sapiosexuals’, an EP consisting of 2 original cuts where he gives out to an eclectic collection of musical influences and complemented with 3 remixes, from France with the outstanding duo of VoX LoW (Benoit Raymond & Jean Christophe Couderc) who this 2015 are proven their quality and personal sound with references on labels such as Evrlst.inc, Correspondant or Astro Lab Recordings, as well as a few bright remxixes; from Romania with the duo of Gemini Brothers, continue their unstoppable collection of remixes and tracks always giving that personal disco-eclectic touch, with recent EPs for labels like Nein Records or Tici Taci; and finally with the recent French duo of daWad & Mokic, who this year debuted and already have released EPs on Nein Records, Tici Taci or Clouded Vision.

‘The Sapiosexuals’ by Freudenthal on Nein Records opens with the original version of the same, 7 minutes of slow tempo, twanging guitars in the style of the 50s, organic percussions Oriental touches and fresh, cosmic synths, and voices from the vocoder, all with a catchy and hypnotic effect that makes us move. The other original cut, which closes the EP, ‘Archon Temple Ring’, moved us to a few atmospheres more mystical and Oriental, a trip to the far East, a travel across the desert, with its slow tempo and campaigns and palms that accompany the composition, a delicious trip.

For remixes, 3 remixes for the main track of the EP, ‘The Sapiosexuals’, first with the french duo of VoX LoW who incorporate a few raw synthesizers to give a greater forcefulness to the remix, a dark and mysterious trip to abandoned places, retro-futuristic and very hypnotic; the duo of Gemini Brothers, going up the tempo of the remix, and added a few rhythms with more mystery and tension, with chords of guitar interspersed with synthesizers; and finally with the French project of daWad & Mokic, proponents of a forceful and very dark, a trip to sounds more raw to target the center of the dance floor, with the very energetic drums and the addition of an acid to put crowd on-fire on the center of the club.

Freudenthal – The Sapiosexuals EP [Nein Records NEIN042] (28 August, 2015)
1 Freudenthal – The Sapiosexuals (Original Mix) 7:03
2 Freudenthal – The Sapiosexuals (Vox Low Remix) 5:38
3 Freudenthal – The Sapiosexuals (Gemini Brothers Remix) 6:35
4 Freudenthal – The Sapiosexuals (DaWad & Mokic Remix) 6:34
5 Freudenthal – Archon Temple Ring (Original Mix) 6:48


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