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Gatos Negros – Deus Ex Machina EP [Rotten City Files] (2015)


Double and excellent debut, from Madrid will start a new record label, Rotten City Records, a new label run by Álvaro Cabana and Juliana Leyva, a label that made a debut with 2 releases, Rotten City with launches exclusive and limited vinyl edition (which in its first reference has Tronik Youth with remixes from Red Axes and Richard Sen), and on the other hand, Rotten City Files, to launch digital EPs with an orientation toward new talents and debuts, with national and international artists, and that for the first reference present us with a brilliant debut, the trio from Madrid of Gatos Negros, a formation in which we find veteran artists such as Rock Serling aka Ruben Garcia, who with since its inception in the late 90s as Watch TV has been using different alias leaving a long list of cuts and remixes for various labels, Ivan Smoka aka Disco Felino, and half of Discodelia, an artist who as a DJ since the 90s has traveled and shared Dj booth by all Spain and part of Europe and various festivals, and finally with Christian C aka Christian Cedron with a long career as a Dj in various clubs of Madrid, 3 artist come together to form Gatos Negros, to give exit to their musical interests, a concerns something different to the usual sounds of these 3 artists alone, thus arises this ‘Deus Ex Machina’ with 4 original cuts (plus an instrumental), Gatos Negros bring us closer to a fusion of sounds, a mixture of electronic elements with rock/indie, all combined from Krautrock to Madchester sound, with a very meticulous production and interpretation, and a danceable result. Cuts that are complemented with 2 remixes, first from Croatia with Squarewave, an artist who has left behind his dark compositions and remixes on labels such as Startalk International, Correspondant, Rock To The Beat Records, ViAAL_Rec, Nein Recordsor Melomana Records among others, and from Madrid with the debut of JackWasFaster aka Manu Cachero, a lover of analogues synths and member of the indie-electronic band of Fira Fem.

‘Deus Ex Machina’ the debut EP of Gatos Negros for Rotten City Files opens with ‘Cayena’ with a few dark bass and hypnotic melodies, that as it advance added dose of mystery and which lead us travel to the universe of this trio, a galactic trip with synthesizers launching music lasers and a dark and deep voice accompanying melodies; in the following track of ‘Habanero’, with cosmic synths are advancing towards a galactic acid, accompanied with a great bass that draws us to dance and enjoy, a more psychedelic and psycotropic trip; something more indie are presented with the sweet and lovely ‘Rockets’, with a sound very influenced by the classic Madchester sound of the 90s with its classical guitars and spacy synthesizers; and finally with ‘Then I Realised’ (track that is presented in its instrumental version too), leads to melancholy, sadness and darkness, a nice way to close the debut of Gatos Negros.

Complementing the original cuts of Gatos Negros with 2 remixes, the first with Squarewave and a remix for ‘Habanero’, reducing the tempo of the cut, with a galactic and dark atmospheres, a hypnotic remix; and finally JackWasFaster and his remix for the cut of ‘Rockets’, reducing the original tempo and carried the remix until 9 minutes, a remix in which transforms the original to provide a trip through outer space, a Madchester cosmic and galactic, to leave the imagination fly to more there.

Gatos Negros – Deus Ex Machina EP [Rotten City Files RCF 001] (7 September, 2015)
1 Gatos Negros – Cayena (original mix) 05:29
2 Gatos Negros – Habanero (original mix) 04:58
3 Gatos Negros – Habanero (Squarewave remix) 05:58
4 Gatos Negros – Rockets (original mix) 04:58
5 Gatos Negros – Rockets (JackWasFaster remix) 09:01
6 Gatos Negros – Then I Realised (original mix) 04:45
7 Gatos Negros – Then I Realised (instrumental mix) 04:45

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