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Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard – Kids on Jupiter EP [Manakacha] (2015)


Last June, we were surprised the collaboration of veteran French producers of Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard with the first release of this collaboration that was produced in the label Leonizer Records and which included a remix of the French duo of Club Bizarre, and now, over the summer, and in September, a second chapter of this collaboration If the first EP of the duo occurred in the imprint of Leonard de Leonard, this second EP is in the imprint of Humantronic, Manakacha, a label that over 5 years part of publishing to Humantronic, can be found in the catalog to Ardan Bel, UNL and Jerando & Gómez, and for the 15th reference of the label presents 2 new compositions for this excellent collaboration between Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard, a collaboration that moves away from the characteristic sound of these 2 producers solo, and linking them using analog synths, modular and other vintage instruments for creating current sounds, compositions created from live jam sessions in the studio

This second installment of Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard, the first on the Manakacha records, opens with ‘Kids on Jupiter’, with all the ingredients to become a hymn, a cosmic synths, energetic bassline, and a fast pace to take us to the epic on the dance floor, 7 frantic minutes with an excellent development, a steady crescendo progression, to take us to epic dance in outer space. In the second cut, ‘Bodymindcult’, another 7 minutes with a clear orientation towards the dance floor, with a darker sound, galloping in the midst of the darkness without truce or rest, again with an outstanding progression that captivates us and attracts toward the center of the dance floor of the club.

Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard – Kids on Jupiter EP [Manakacha MNKC015] (4 September, 2015)
1 Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard – Kids on Jupiter (Original Mix) 6:52
2 Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard – Bodymindcult (Original Mix) 7:08


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