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Jori Hulkkonen – Oh But I Am (sampler EP) [My Favorite Robot Records] (2015)


Finnish veteran producer of Jori Hulkkonen this year celebrates 20 years of his first EP, 20 years that his is celebrating in an excellent creative moment, a producer who published his first albums in the French label founded by Laurent Garnier and Eric Morand of F Communications in 1994 under its name of Jori Hulkkonen and in 2009 reached Canadian label of Tiga’s Turbo Recordings and from 2012 be part of another Canadian label as it is My Favorite Robot Records, a producer as part of his project as Jori Hulkkonen has used different aliases as the more recent as Third Culture or Nuclear Winter Garden (last March published the debut album of this project) and is involved in other projects with other artists, between those other projects such as the most recent Sin Cos Tan, Stop Modernists or Processory, and now returns as Jori Hulkkonen with a new album on My Favorite Robot Records, six years after his last album ‘Man From Earth (Turbo, 2009)’, an album that next Monday will be published on vinyl 12″ a sampler of the same with 4 cuts in which Jori Hulkkonen presents an evolution in his sound, which is influenced by his latest projects in which was approaching sounds more Avant Garde Synth Pop and Disco, always with the quality of this Finnish producer, an album more melodic and harmonic.

This sampler EP from the album ‘Oh, But I Am’ from Jori Hulkkonen opens with the magical and beautiful ‘Black Boots‘ with 7 minutes of rhythms almost Balearic, downtempo, relaxed with a wealth of instruments, from trumpet, organic percussion along with some warm synths and that voice of Jori singing the song, a very beautiful way to present this album, delicious composition; in the second cut, ‘Ready Player One‘, Jori leads to sounds very 80s, with an emotional piano, classics synthesizers from the 80s, guitar and again Jori putting his excelence voice in the composition, emotional composition; in the next cut, ‘Songs of the Eastern World‘ with more than 6 minutes, an instrumental composition, magical melodies and a more club sound, dark and hypnotic composition; and completing this sampler EP with ‘Italian Love Affair‘, a beautiful composition of the 80s, with Jori singing again, a magic synthesizers, and a dreamy atmospheres.

Jori Hulkkonen – Oh But I Am (sampler EP) [My Favorite Robot Records MFR123] (25 May, 2015)
1. Black Books (Original Mix) 7:09
2. Ready Player One (Original Mix) 4:55
3. Songs of the Eastern World (Original Mix) 6:18
4. Italian Love Affair (Original Mix) 5:53

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