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La Decadanse – La Decadanse EP [Astro Lab Recordings] (2015)


Since the 2010 Laurent Pastor launched his own record label of Astro Lab Recordings have been 24 EPs and bright 2 compiled series of ‘Treasure Hunting’, references and compiled that since Paris has always been a very strong commitment to new talent, new artists, a bet that usually occurred with the publication of the EPs of these new talents complemented with remixes by other artists more renowed, and now comes the debut of the boss of the label, Laurent Pastor, until now knew Lau for his session as Dj and the selection of artists that they represented to his label, and now with the help of Marc Lapeyre (guitarist, effects, synthesizers in french duo of FKClub, comes the debut of the project of La Decadanse, a brilliant debut, a new project that occurs after Mark persuaded Lau to delve into the world of production, and together they sign this brilliant debut EP, amazing La Decadanse, an EP with 5 original cuts more an intro and is complemented with 2 remixes with the producer with Japanese origin of Zongamin, a producer that makes enough time that we had no news, and that it recently signed a remix to Manfredas for the label Les Disques De La Mort.

La Decadanse is the duo that pays tribute to the sounds of the 80s, EBM, New Wave, Minimal Wave, a look back at all a bygone era without losing sight of the current era, an excellent and highly recommended debut on Astro Lab Recordings which opens as an intro with ‘Plan A’ and its less than 2 minutes with guitars, synths and effects that into what we find after 2 minutes of melancholy which give step to ‘Train In Vein’ with a slow pace, contagious guitar riffs, percussion that run the pace toward sounds somewhat more dark disco and a few synthesizers that make us dancing, along with a mysterious and deep voice that sings the cut, a hypnotic cut; with a little more dirty and crude sound in ‘Ruin’, distortion, cosmic synths, dirty guitars that are responsible for directing the composition and lead to a spatial atmospheres; guitar riffs take over ‘Dcadanse’ together with a sweet and sensual feamle voice in French who recites the song, a dark and mysterious cut; with ‘Drive Easy’ increase the mysterious and dark atmospheres, now more oppressive and terrifying, threatening and deep, to complete the EP with ‘Plan B’, by way of the EP, with the sensual female voice as a outro, and the guitars describing melodies as Joy Division and Manchester sound from the 80s style.

The debut EP by La Decadanse is complemented with remixes of Zongamin for the cut ‘Ruin’, the ‘Remix 1’ with 6 minutes with a powerful bass, percussions and guitars that lead us to a remix to psychotropic jam mode, and the ‘Remix 2’, which is included as a bonus in the digital edition, takes us to a trip more cosmic and galactic with more than 10 minutes, most hypnotic sounds, rhythms of krautrock, distortions and acid lines, a delicious trip to outer space.

La Decadanse – La Decadanse EP [Astro Lab Recordings ALR027] (7 September, 2015)
Side 1:
1. La Decadanse – Plan A (Original Mix) 1:44
2. La Decadanse – Train In Vein (Original Mix) 5:35
3. La Decadanse – Ruin (Original Mix) 5:50
4. La Decadanse – Decadanse (Original Mix) 5:15
Side 2:
1. La Decadanse – Drive Easy (Original Mix) 6:06
2. La Decadanse – Plan B (Original Mix) 3:42
3. La Decadanse – Ruin (Zongamin remix) 5:52

Bonus Digital:
La Decadanse – Ruin (Zongamin remix 2) 10:33

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