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Skinnerbox – Sawtooth Blues EP [My Favorite Robot Records] (2015)


Prestigious Canadian imprint of My Favorite Robot Records (run by the Canadian trio of My Favorite Robot), next Monday 27 April will publish their reference #127, a new EP on the Canadian label, that for this new reference offers us something different than usual on the label, a very interesting EP of excellent quality with the German duo of Skinnerbox formed by Iftah Gabbai and Olaf Hilgenfeld, accompanied always with their minimoog to create these mergers of very diverse music with electronics, always with an orientation towards the dance, something that they themselves define as ‘avant-jazz opus wrapped in a disco suitcase‘. Skinnerbox reach the Canadian imprintwith with this new EP which includes 3 new and excellent compositions of this German duo.

The duo from Berlinn of Skinnerbox have a long musical trajectory, debuting from the hand of the German label of Tonkind in 2007, and on following years on labels such as Jato Unit, Neopren Recordings, Darkroom Dubs or Doxa Records (label which in 2009 published their debut album of ‘King Of Spades And Marmalades’), and in 2011 signed with the prestigious German label of BPitch Control property of Ellen Allien.

Skinnerbox open this new EP with ‘Sawtooth Blues’, a composition of more than 8 minutes in which synthesizers with bass sounds, undulating melodies merge with African, ethnic, tribal voices by completing a delight of composition that we catch in its rhythms and ethnic voices that take us to travel mentally through the universe and a cosmic dance.

With ‘Sally’, Skinnerbox are more energetic, forceful, a powerful percussion, with a jerky voices, cries and a synths with retro sounds that hypnotizes us completely, full of details of production, fresh and funny composition.

Finally, ‘Trimorph’, shows us a Skinnerbox more cosmic, strange, with alien synthesizers along with a collection of strange sounds that are forming the composition to create an atmosphere full of mystery and captivating, excellent composition.

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Skinnerbox – Sawtooth Blues EP [My Favorite Robot Records MFR121] (27 April, 2015)
1 Skinnerbox – Sawtooth Blues (Original Mix) 7:04
2 Skinnerbox – Sally (Original Mix) 6:26
3 Skinnerbox – Trimorph (Original Mix) 7:04


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