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Tempelhof – Frozen Dancers L.P. [Hell Yeah Recordings] (2013)


It’s been four years of the debut album from italian duo Tempelhof (Ermondi & Paolo Luciano Mazzacani), ‘We Were Not There For The Beginning , We Will not Be There For The End’ (Distraction Records, 2009) and arrival the past 2012 the Italian label Hell Yeah Recordings with a big bet on the label by the duo with a very interesting musical proposal, a very personal interpretation of electronic music that mixes influences from many different styles and different musical instruments with result an emotional music, music layers that blend to create a wonderful environment and atmospheres, dark and dense, and the upcoming November ,13 the label Hell Yeah will be published what will be their second album, nine tracks and almost 50 minutes of music made ??with feeling, with personality, an excellent album.

The album opens with the atmospheric ‘Drake’ with some magical synths a perfect track to dream and fly very far with a development that will grow as the composition progresses, to then go dark and dense terrain with ‘Monday is Black’, melancholy and density, very beautiful composition, one of the tracks that have vocals, sad voices that trap us in its atmosphere, in ‘Change’ mixing urban sounds with musical instruments and broken and loops vocals with masterfully developed a density; a mix of environmental sounds delicious and sympathetic electronic bases ‘Nothing at the Horizon’ and excellent vocals that trap us in the dark and the density of the track, heavy and dense environments with ‘Sinking Nation’ ranging becoming lighter as the composition progresses, oppressive and brooding with ‘She Can not Forgive’ with a tortured vocals and synths that take us on a trip to their personal universe, the track closest to the club scene of ‘The Dusk’ , without losing the essence of the music of Tempelhof, or become near a track for the dance floor, excellent composition, broken beats with soft synths in ‘Skateboarding at Night ‘ and to close the album with the wonderful ‘Running Dog’ again that mix of broken beats with a very deep and dense environments.


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