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A.Robotnick/F.Meindl/J.Van Der Volgen/Doc Martin – Coast 2 Coast [Hell Yeah Recordings] (2013)


Simply: KILLER, amazing, brutal, a bomb on the dance floor, the latest release from Italian label Hell Yeah Recordings, and available on request from the bandcamp of the label, and next week in the other record stores, a exclusive vinyl 12 “, a double side-A, 2 producers, 2 remixes / edits ideal to make you dance, jump and ask for more and more, on the one hand and from Brooklyn with Justin Van Der Volgen who select a track from disco-master Alexander Robotnick, a track that was included in the first volume of lost files from Robotnick, ‘Undicidisco’ and only had been published in digital, for this wonderful edit of more than seven minutes, incendiary synths, great percussion, and transmits eager to have fun good, very good, killer edit; and on the other hand, a classic and a teacher from Los Angeles as Doc Martin (Sublevel) to become another bomb, a track from 2009, Florian Meindl and the track ‘Flashmob’, another delight remix more than 8 minutes direct to burn any dance floor, a remix that is growing and destroying everything that is in front as it advances the remix. a record of these, to create envy among those who do not have it, so you know, runs for it, and burn the dance floor.


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