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Acid Arab Collections EP03 [Versatile Records] (2015)


The French imprint of Versatile Records this past month of January presented the third edition on vinyl in their collection ‘Acid Arab Collections’, an EP that this week is published in its corresponding edition in digital, a collection of tracks that fuse electronic rhythms with Arab influences, opening up this new EP with Acid Arab aka Pierrot Casanova and his ‘Zhar’ with voices that we introduce in a frenetic rhythms, hypnotic composition filled with arabesque elements and that leads us to a state of trance; most relaxed and atmospheric moments with Gilb’R and his ‘Beesan Rum (A Song For Anna), with a bright percussions played by Shadi Khries, and his deep voice, blended with the sound of the saxophone by Etienne Jaumet, excellent composition; the mysterious French duo of Society Of Silence presents their ‘Baghdad’, climbing the pace, frenetic, mysterious voices, and dirty sounds, and completing the EP with the collaboration between the artists resident in Berlin of An-I and Hugo Capablanca with more than 7 minutes of ‘Farsi Face’, sung voices in Iranian, and a beats hypnotic, state of trance, forceful, nervous and full of tension, amazing track.

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Acid Arab Collections EP03 [Versatile Records VER 098] (9 February, 2015)
1. Acid Arab – Zhar 06:27
2. Gilb’R – Beesan Rum – A Song For Anna 06:32
3. Society Of Silence – Baghdad 05:32
4. An-i & Capablanca – Farsi Farce 07:22


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