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Adra – The Roswell Incident EP [D.A.T Records](2016)


Techno music in its purest acidic state. We love it, it drives us crazy these twisted and repetitive patterns. Alandria Sheffer, an American born in Nevada… called ADRA (Soo Wavey) from Hell… presents his new ep “Roswell incident” on his label D.A.T aka Denied American Techno. A label with just 2 references in a year that accommodates this American independent artist and her more personal sounds.
May be The Acid Techno is prohibited in America, isn’t it? in a crowded market flooded by Bass House, dubstep or “Future House” (as some call it) there is no place for a straightforward piece like this …

I don’t know, but she has it very clear. Her two own references loaded with acid sequences everywhere and with all possible wave forms with clear German influences. Always with an American luxury remixer. Matrixmann in the first and now Vin Sol, a complete classic in the Acid producers.
The Roswell incident is a ep consists of three original songs and a remix. The three techno tracks follow the same guidelines, long themes, patterns and loops that are repeated ad nauseam for make you nonstop dance on the dance floor. Direct and deep bass drums, classic acids and progressive evolution of all the sound elements in the track patterns. A techno bordering the hardest but with clear German intention, serious and strong with a very clear minimal BPM drop. Leaving room to sounds and making everything flow in a more natural way. Much hook …

The remix by Vin sun is harder than the rest. Rise tempo and accompanied by classical snares, loud, sudden changes that get the track evolve and lead you to greater extremes. Techno electro pump.

A forceful Techno disc will be released on April 4 in digital and able to book here
Adra @Bandcamp

Adra @Website

English by Sara N (Shara Music)


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