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Agents Of Time – Spread The Word L.P [Stem Records STR008] (2014)


They come from Italy and their name are Agent Of Time, a trio formed by Andrea Di Ceglie, Fedele Ladisa and Luigi Tutolo that was formed last 2013 in a storage room, some drink and some time to merge ideas and concepts about music, and last January came their debut by the hands of British label of Stem Records, and next Monday, May 19 its expected the debut album, an album that highlights the quality and refined electronic sounds, influences of psychedelic, house, techno, together with an excellent live shows with analog instruments, great visuals concept, and their clothes and choreography … “Nothing is left to chance, all is Entrusted to time”.
An album in which over 1 hour and 8 tracks develop their vision of advanced electronic music, tracks about 7 minutes each, opening the album hypnotic ‘Llawten’ and full of details, of melodies they merge together to create a very interesting atmosphere; powerful bassline in ‘Stoke’ and some magic synthesizers; and the first collaboration of which includes the album, the young pop singer-songwriter of I Read Wilde on the track ‘Spread The Word’ with a piano intro and environmental sounds giving way to electronic melodies and sweet magical voice of I Read Wilde; and return to these hypnotic melodies and magical with ‘Alkatraz’, a track that in more than 8 minutes is growing and developing, amazing track; and sounds more oriented to the dance floor, their debut single, the wonderful ‘Lost Dreams’; and second collaboration on the album, from Canada with wonderful Flowers & Sea Creatures for the track ‘Still Enough’ putting their personal voices fused with magical synths, amazing 8 minutes, delicate composition; and into more melodic Techno sounds with ‘Hutset’ with epic moments; and closing the album ‘Armonics’ with new interpretations of classic Acid House with a new sound of the music of Agents Of Time, great track, as is progressing and growing. Excellent music, excellent eight tracks.

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