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Aimes Let’s Melt [Wonder Stories]


Label boss Aimes returns to his home base with his second full-length album. Designed to be a perfect listening experience, the longest hour-long experimental journey is infused with out of place rhythms, African percussion, found sounds, and easy breaks.

Let’s Melt, his latest album released on Wonder Stories, achieves through solid arrangements and solid programming, to become a vehicle for reverential music that manages to pour out enough ideas from the artist himself to shake off the era that is so high, allowing him to exist for own right as credible.

Altogether, this is a soundtrack as captivating as it is elegant, with the perfect amount of substance, it is presented with a powerful style that goes from the classic to the most innovative.

With unique and hypnotic sounds, where in all the themes they manage to cover everything, from spatial soundscapes, sweaty basements after hours of travel to fascinating melodies that burn and slide to infinity.


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