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Alan Dente – Dark Nebula [Bordello A Parigi] (2016)


Disco music has always been the primordial melting point where the African and classical music have joined hands, and where little or no the social or national differences don’t matter. However, few labels have maintained this global spirit for some time now, avant la lettre, as the Dutch Bordello A Parigi. Hence the debut of the French producerAlan Dente, a member of the collective Les Yeux Orange, is not trivial. Having spent the last years gobbling boogie, Italo and disco, Alan Dente makes the leap to production with the EPDark Nebula, which cone stands an emotional ode to modern and cold Italo. It is a 12-inch EP that consisting of four original tracks. The first track, “Magnus Force“, starts with a slow market tempo, guided by cosmic synthesizers, which plunge us into an epic space travel, where the future is projected uncertain. That Is followed by “Space Wonderer” progressive and glorious piece, whose sounds are opened slowly, by playful way, fitting perfectly with the character of the next track: “Dark Nebula”. where chiaroscuro is added, with more lyrical sounds, winding and mysterious. Finally, “Desert Road” closes the EP of contrasts with a twilight piece, slow-burning, capable of suspend us quietly in a vacuum, based on subtle cosmic melodies that open over and over again the mystery of what lies come.

If the disc was an escapist expression of a decadent age (the seventies), the term of this musical style that Alan Dente reviews and debugged in Dark Nebula, whose title indicates, represents the expression of the durability of a catastrophe, that of our time, marked by an exaggerated cult to the difference, which does nothing to expand, as the extinct remains of the stars in the nebulae. Great album.


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