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Alda – Night Wolf EP [Play Pal Music] (2015)


New reference in the label from Madrid of Play Pal Music (founded and managed by Teniente Castillo), from Nantes with the producer of Alexandre David aka Alda, an artist who started in as Dj at the beginning of the 2000s, for in the 2008 start writing his own compositions, moving through different musical styles, until came the birth of his son, and let his work as compositor, and this past summer return again with the publication of ‘You Got Me EP’ on the British label of Nein Records (managed by Tronik Youth) and which included 2 original cuts and remixes from Sébastien Tex, Did Virgo and LosBikini, and finally the 2015 becomes his new EP, ‘Night Wolf EP’, in which the producer includes 3 original compositions that are complemented with 2 remixes, the first with the Belgian producer of Johnson, who debuted this year in the label from Marseille of La dame Noir Records, label where signed remixes to Amevicious or participate in the compilation of ‘Liste Noir #2’, aside with remixes to Maxime & Remain (Meant Records) or Cannibal Ink (Emerald & Doreen Records), and currently, together with Nicolas Mons formed the duo of A&N; and the second remix, from Marseilles with FKClub aka Marc Lapeyre, with EPs for labels such as Relish Recordings or Astro Lab Recordings, and participate in compileds of La dame Noir Records or remixes for In Fields (La Belle Records), Morgan Hammer (Relish Recordings), Date With Elvis (La dame Noir Records) or Cannibal Ink (Nein Records) and currently is part of the project of La Décadanse with Lau Pastor (owner of Astro Lab Recordings).

By opening this new EP on Play Pal Music with Alda and his cut called ‘Night Wolf’, over 8 minutes of dark beats, percussion and metallic sounds beating incessantly and some threatening synthesizers that are traveling in the dark. With the second original cut of ‘The Claw’ continue the dark atmospheres, a strong bassline is in charge of creating mystery, incessantly on horseback in the middle of the dark, solid and forceful track, and finally with ‘Ilime’, the percussions it acquire greater prominence, percussion knocking incessantly accompanied by mysteries melodies creating a disturbing atmospheres, industrial and post-apocalyptic environments.

An EP which is complemented with 2 remixes, first with Johnson and the remix for the cut of ‘The Claw’, excellent remix, slowing down the tempo, and with a more mystical atmospheres, strange ghostly voices, strong bassline, walking tirelessly through paradises lost in the middle of a strange night.

For his part, FKClub and a remix for ‘Ilime’, another excellent remix, about funniest synths join the percussions, more raw sound invade the remix to take it to an unknown planet with menacing aliens, 7 minutes of tension and mystery.

Alda – Night Wolf EP [Play Pal Music PP 010] (28 December, 2015)
1 Alda – Night Wolf (Original Mix) 08:40
2 Alda – The Claw (Original Mix) 06:22
3 Alda – Ilime (Original Mix) 08:33
4 Alda – The Claw (Johnson remix) 05:45
5 Alda – Ilime (Fkclub remix) 06:53

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