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Alessandro Parisi- Naonian City Nights EP [Charlois] (2016)


Italian producer Alessandro Parisi  aka Hesperius Draco presents his new reference. Naonian City Nights EP that has just seen the light on vinyl and digital download on the Dutch label Charlois. The work is a tribute to the whole scene punk / new wave of Pordenone, Alessandro hometown.
In the Ep we can see an unknown Parisi for us, leaving aside his esoteric and mystical synthetic electronic for focusing in one of the more significant aspects of the New Wave, punk or the classic ebm.
“Meduna Waves” which he opens this work with redoubled bass very Ebm have been touched by some synthesizer notes which he makes your hair stand just listen it. We can watch the musical nuances so own of the Alessandro sound as the track develops with the mysterious arpeggios house brand. Perhaps when you listen it, “Ballad for Jet Harris” of Megabeat comes in to your mind in one of his chords.
“Cosmica 1999” is the second cut of the work that takes off with a drum / box well defined and wonderful synthetic chords that show all the power of Alessandro behind the keyboards. The track leads us to the dance floor of a slow but very emotional way, thanks to those heavenly melodies that gives us the Italian producer.
A cascade of chords that give off darkness and melancholy equally as synthetic loop of almost industrial origin serve to introduce “Fear And Money I Never Had”, an epic piece that navigates between classical coldwave and glider electronics where the synthesizer is the real protagonist.
Motorik rhythms in the beginning of “Exhibition Of Love (Faust’O)” lead to a court where elements of the classical darkwave and more cosmic sounds are merged.
Finally, “Virtualand” says goodbye to the work in form of an environmental synthetic orgy by a collection of arpeggios.
One of the jobs to be taken into account in this 2016.



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