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Ali X x Ximena – Ali X x Ximena [Controlla] (2020)


Ali X x Ximena’s album finally lands! Deeply influenced by the French techno and electro scene, this unique duo love the intimacy of a studio session, working hard with other producers and musicians to discover new forms of music. Now they return, and they do so by releasing their first LP together, under their own Controlla label.

The album consists of 13 tracks that are a display of sound that is infused into the track with a unique vitality for any listener to dance to. There is something in these tracks that looks at the past without losing sight of the present, managing to resurface a particular sound in the sexiest and most acidic way.

All these tracks: Patitos, Low Vibrations, No me Gustas …, come together, until they combine an album as experimental as it is intense and addictive, which takes possession of oneself as a sweet poison, while transporting us progressively and boisterously, already that few producers with a certain fluency are ready to do it. The result of this album consolidates the career of a duo of artists who do not lack notable virtues, presented with such unique and fresh nuances, which manage to shape unique pieces, as enjoyable in a club as at home.


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