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Amevicious – Endless EP [Nein Records] (2015)


From Marseilles, Amevicious, member of La dame Noir, debuted solo with an inclusion of one of his compositions in the compilation of ‘The Long Long Summer (Liste Noir #1)’, the label Dame La Noir Records in October 2014, to get his debut with his own EP on the same label in January of this year with ‘The Fall EP’ , an EP with 3 original cuts and remixes from Undo, Johnson, In Flagranti and Mr Cogs aka Duncan Gray, and subsequently his remixes for Dark Strands and Gabriel in The Exquisite Pain Recordings, and now reached his second EP, this time for the British label of Nein Records (run by Tronik Youth), an EP in which Amevicious presents 2 new compositions with that dark vision of music more current and modern disco music, a compositions that are accompanied by 3 remixes, from London with Tronik Youth aka Neil Parnell, who runs the label of Nein Records and after 10 years, in the coming weeks will publish his debut album; from Birmingham with renowned dj and producer of Mark E aka Mark Evetts, who also runs his own record label of Merc Music; and finally, with the Mexican producer of Theus Mago aka Bufi, after a resident in Paris, to returned to his native Mexico, and under his alias with sounds more techno and dark presents the latest remix of this EP.

‘Endless’ is the first cut of this new EP from Amevicious to Nein Records, full of atmosphere dark, sinister, a forceful rhythm that is emphasized with some powerful blows, almost industrial, some shouting that reflect the state of the people on the dance floor, and a synthesizers with something cosmic touches to this space trip, cut that is accompanied by the rework made by Tronik Youth who first lower the tempo of the track, take elements of the of the original and adds his own analogue sound, some small details of acid, keeping all the dark atmosphere of the original.

The second original cut, ‘Disco Libertine’, Amevicious presents in almost 8 minutes of slow tempo, and sounds rather more disco, with the analog firing their raw sequences and a bassline with a touch more funk, a more spiritual and magical trip that the previous cut. Track accompanied by 2 remixes, first with Mark E, with a sound somewhat more dirty, raw and direct for the night on the dance floor, more hypnotic; and finally with Theus Mago, raising the tempo of the track, with a more cosmic arrangements with a synthesizers from outer space, adding some vocals that repeat ‘Disco Libertine’, and a steady pace for the dance floor, all a hit this summer.

Amevicious – Endless EP [Nein Records NEIN 030] (8 June, 2015)
1 Amevicious – Endless (original mix) 05:09
2 Amevicious – Endless (Tronik Youth rework) 06:34
3 Amevicious – Disco Libertine (original mix) 07:46
4 Amevicious – Disco Libertine (Mark E mix) 06:05
5 Amevicious – Disco Libertine (Theus Mago mix) 07:13

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