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An Interview with Bee Lincoln


We have the great pleasure to interview the owner of As Usual…Ralf Barth aka Bee Lincoln. Dj, producer and A&R of one of the best established labels in the micro sound and with a discography of 50 releases, Bee Lincoln answers a few questions in order to get to know him a little better

Well Ralf, or as we know you artistically, Bee Lincoln, any reason why you got this aka?

Actually now it feels like a sin from the past, if I had known that almost 25 years later I’d still be using this name, I probably would have chosen another one. The name just happened, because my surname starts with a B, pronounced „Bee“, and „Lincoln“ because I wore a beard like the good old president.

That’s the story, but now this name stands for all the music I produce, sometimes for Techno releases, and sometimes Minimal or Techhouse.

You are the owner of As Usual, how is your daily work as label owner? Do you do all the jobs? Which ones exactly?

Yes, it’s like a one-man show, I take care of close to everything: A&R, listening to demos and communicating with the artists, licensing, the graphic design, video animations, texting, promotion, social media presentation, accounting etc.! The mastering is always done by Miro Pajic and the label is distributed by Paradise Distribution (Thanks to both for these long-lasting coorporations).

Do you perform as a dj or do you have a live act? What dates do you have coming up and where?

I’ve never been one who had the ambition to play electronic music live with synths, drum machines or modular systems. I have huge respect for those who do and also know how much intense work it requires.
In my heart I’m a DJ who loves to present and play tracks for hours and hours and I’ve been doing this for more than two decades. That’s also the intention behind my productions, making tracks that are playable for DJs.

Upcoming dates are this Saturday (March 25th) at the infamous „Enorm in Form“ event at Kater Blau in Berlin, which I’m looking forward to so much, and then in the loveliest underground place Golden Gate Club on the 8th of April, where I play regularly.

Give us some important news about As Usual, the next two releases?

The next release will be by Aantigen, a good friend and amazing artist with a wide range of productions, finally we found the perfect freakin tracks for his first release on the label! It comes with a remix by myself 🙂 Another upcoming EP will come from the super-talented Karaat from Stuttgart, as well another one by me with lots of drive and rollin basslines. Please also check out our new monthly radio show on Bloop London Radio.

An Interview with Bee Lincoln
An Interview with Bee Lincoln

Which one do you consider your most important release in your whole career?

That’s difficult to say, as it always feels like an ongoing evolution, I think the big breakthrough didn’t come yet (and I’m not sure it ever will). Also my orientation is fluidly changing, it means that as electronic music evolves, I always find different things I like in it and which inspire me. For example last year, I released three proper techno tracks (quite unusual) on the Columbian label Techno Inc. and suddenly several requests were coming in to do something similar on other labels, this hadn’t happened to me with former releases. We will see where it goes.

What about As Usual?

I think constantly looking for quality tunes with a twist made As Usual come to where it is. Now the 50th release on the label is coming out and we’ve received a lot of respect and feedback from many sides. I’m super grateful for this, also that each artist contributed something from their heart, without any borders or pressure, that’s something that makes me happy. But additionally I’d like to say, my mind is ever expanding and maybe some day I’d like to start a second label with a different sound, the same counts here as well, we will see where it goes. 🙂



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