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An Interview with Daddy Squad


We interviewed the DJ and producer Daddy Squad. He is releasing a new solo project, and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to interview him and have him update us on his latest developments.

Hello Andrew! It’s a real pleasure to be able to interview you for Como Las Grecas. To put readers first. We know you come from other formations but why now Daddy Squad?

Thanks for having me!

I launched Daddy Squad during Covid to get back to my more club background, after the band I was in – Monarchy – which came to an end. Before Monarchy I was a club producer, DJing around the world, focussed on indie dance, so I have really enjoyed getting back to that, in a more Italo Disco kind of style. I have an analogue studio setup, with a nice mix of synths, and it’s great to bring my history of writing songs, writing club tracks, and production secrets, and bring it all together for the Daddy Squad project.

Before this project I was half of the synth pop band Monarchy, and before that I was in other projects. It was a great ten years with Monarchy, but we both felt it had come to an end, and so we separated during Covid. We left on good terms, so that’s great.

I called it Daddy Squad because I wanted a name that I could get old with, and that will serve me for the next 20, 30 or 40 years. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be called “Yung Dollar Sign” or something when you make music at 50, 60 or 70. Ha ha. I also had this idea to collaborate with all the daddies I knew- like Jake Shears, John Grant, Mark Moore from S’Express, maybe Andy from Hercules and Love Affair. All total daddies and super nice. It’s time for Daddies to thrive.


Your first works and collaborations were at the end of 2021 with Dita Von Teese. What other collaborations would you highlight during these 2 years? Any that you would have liked to do and didn’t do?

All the collaborations have been great. It’s been a great way of growing as an artist, and the way we collaborated have been different for each of them.

I would have to say collaborating with Mark Moore (S’Express) was a real buzz for me. When I was a kid, he was a huge inspiration for me, since he was one of the original house pioneers, in the late 80’s, making disco sampladellic house that went to the mainstream, and he’s a total legend. When I moved to London in 2003 I met him and got to know him a little bit. Through this track I’ve got to know him so much more, and we get along really well. He’s an angel, really lovely, and the process of the collaboration was super easy. Hopefully we are going to do some more music together soon.

Hard Ton was also fun to collaborate with. Very easy going and positive. Zoot Woman were great, and a huge influence on my music from the 2000’s, so that was a big moment for me. I used to listen to their music all the time when I first moved to London. I have collaborated with Dita Von Teese a lot over the years, and it’s always super easy, and I love her vibe and we’re friends, so that makes it really enjoyable.

Really, I’ve been blessed with all the collaborations. All of them have been lovely. It’s one of the principles of the Daddy Squad project that if I’m not having fun in the process, I’m not going to do it. Life is too short, and I’m not quite desperate enough to work with people who don’t have good energy. I ejected a few collabs because the artist wasn’t being so enjoyable to collaborate with. Funnily enough, it’s often the smaller artists that are more difficult to deal with than the bigger artists, all of which have been a joy.

I would love to collaborate with a total icon, like Roisin Murphy, or Robyn, or Grace Jones or Jessie Ware or something. I think I would lose my mind.

Daddy Squad 'All Day All Night Automatic’ LP. Released 16th June on AAA Records
Daddy Squad ‘All Day All Night Automatic’ LP. Released 16th June on AAA Records

You have already released the third single of your next album titled All Day All Night Automatic. How was the production process of the album? 

The album kind of came together quite quickly in the end. I was literally dreaming about it, and in my dream I was counting how many tracks I had, and in the morning I put together my list and realised I had more than enough tracks for the album. It was kind of a shock to me. I even dropped a few tracks off it. When I put it all together, I was so happy with the flow, the links between the tracks but also the variation. There are instrumental tracks on there, there’s bangers, there’s a few downbeat moments. I feel it shows the clubbier side of Daddy Squad really well. And also, the collaborations have been a big thing for me, that I’m super proud of.

I have learned so much since starting this project, and I’m determined to keep learning. Learning is a journey that no creative should stop doing. I try and learn a new production trick, or compositional track every day. It’s so important… For me, an album is a document of that time, that learning process, and I am proud of this moment and that this encapsulates my journey for the moment. Never stop learning, never stop pushing forwards.

Tell us a bit about your setup. Do you have live act or dj only format. What is your booking agency?

Normally I DJ with a keyboard along with the normal DJ setup, so I can chuck some vocoder and effects or play some leads over the top. It makes it super fun. And then I’ve also been doing a show with my boyfriend, Kunixi, who is half Japanese and half Spanish. He gets the crowd hyped, yells at them, strips, does some Japanese moments, dances with me, it’s super fun and works so well at festivals or queer clubs or straight clubs. They might ban us in some parts of America, but I can live with that. We had the whole crowd on stage taking their clothes off and dirty dancing in Poland, it was wild. And in Australia we had a strip competition and a dance-off while I was DJing.

For bookings I’m with Elie at Mensch Bookings, he’s been great to work with. Very organised and responsive.

And finally, I want you to give me some news for 2023. Next Releases or Remixes…

Leading up to the album, I have been releasing a track every two weeks, so I need to calm down a bit. As well as the singles and remixes, I’ve been releasing bootlegs on my bandcamp and soundcloud. I haven’t been remixing so much, because I already have so much of my own music coming out, which has been my focus.

Having said that, I’m already thinking about my next collaborations, and contacting a few people, so more to come!

Thanks Andrew!

Thank you!!!!


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