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An interview with DiscJoker & Max Beat


DiscJoker & Max Beat creates music that works in all settings and transcends genres. Their openness to a wide range of sound is what has both made them a widely loved favourite, but also someone who operates in their own parallel musical world. We had a chance to talk to them, so enjoy your reading and check out their latest releases.

When and how did you get your interest in electronic music?

Our passion for electronic music started a long time ago: from new wave ’80 to the first House and acid House up to Progressive. We have been lucky enough to see techno born and live: from the Detroit scene and then all the derivations of the European scene in the 90s, including the one in Rome. Today the evolution of this musical genre has led to various different genres. Currently without any doubt the one we listen to and produce more willingly is Melodic Techno where you can find elements of progressive rhythmic, arpeggios reminiscent of trance all with ample space for melodic lines. Our musical tastes in listening vary on several genres: Electronic, Jazz, Beat, Rock…

Among the most recent ones, Massano, Innellea, Alfa Romero, Artbat, Woo York, Colyn… have been a source of inspiration. The label we follow the most is Afterlife by Tale Of Us. We could go on and on. The artists that have influenced us the most are definitely: Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Faithless, but also Archive, Cure, Beasty Boys, Massive Attack… As for dj producers on all: Carl Craig, Jeff Mills and Aphex Twin. Complex question: we are what we listened to… And what we listen to!

What is your work when producing your last EP Sirocco / Zefiro on REK Records?

We know each other for a long time and we have shared the console several nights in the clubs of Rome when just under two years ago, also sharing the same tastes and musical genres, we decided to collaborate on productions. The first release was a three-track ep, Eur, released on Sun Generation: an underground journey in three European capitals that carry the titles of the metro stops. The feedback was very good and encouraged us to move forward. The second is a single with two tracks released on Shaman Black: this time the inspiration came thinking about something precious, the tracks are Opal and Amber. This release also did very well, placing in the top ten Melodic Techno and Techno Peak Time charts.

With REK Records, which is the label of Giuliano – DiscJoker – we wanted to risk more, also this time two tracks named after two winds: Sirocco and Zefiro. Sirocco is a particular song, the genre is undoubtedly Techno, but it is composed of a synthesis between organic sounds and synths. Rosa, REK’s partner liked it very much! With Zefiro we decided to try a Progressive House piece with changes of arrangement and a bass line that presses throughout the duration. These two traces were produced with passion, love, our two Moog, Tb 303, and a lot of virtual synths! How did it go? Well we got the first place both in the charts of genre and n.1 in the global chart!

Could you recommend a set that you are especially proud of, and that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube?

Of course!

A mix tape DiscJoker b2b Max Beat – EUR EuroBeatRadio.net live streaming during the lockdown. This represent our sound!!!

The last for the AIAIAI mix contest is not bad! Here the links: 

Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?

We have three more releases planned with Max Beat and a next one with Nexus. Stay tuned!!! Projects: definitely continue to produce, but we hope to get back on track soon, we miss the floor … The last three releases with Sun Generation, Shaman Black and especially this one on REK Records went great, thanks to all for the support!!! But it was really a miss not being able to promote them live.


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