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An interview with Elephant Power


Elephant Power creates music that works in all settings and transcends genres. His openness to a wide range of sound is what has both made him a widely loved favourite, but also someone who operates in his own parallel musical world. We had a chance to talk to him, so enjoy your reading and check out his latest releases.

_When and how did you get your interest in electronic music?

Today i can’t imagine doing music without electronic stuff. But when i was a kid, i was hitting the beat everywhere with everything . Then, i started to play reel drums. At that time, i was living in the country side. I had a rock band with my brother and some friends. In the garage, we were in use to rehearse louder.

Later,  i started studying in the city and needed to adapt to new environment.  So i bought my first drum machine. And it’s where all happened. I started to explore the world of electronic music and enjoyed the vibes from artists like: Drexciya, Invisible Skratch Piklz, Mouse On Mars, Juan Atkins, Detroit music to… later Dizzee Rascal first album. 

All this music possibilities completely changed my point of view. With electronic music, the target is not only to play. What i love the most, it’s to create my own sounds.

_What have you been doing with your time in lockdown in your city or country?

During this weird time, i wanted to stay creative and positive so far .To catch my goal, i  needed to stay away from reality, away from the tv news. With my first semi-modular instrument i bought, i started to explore analogue synth deeper than before. I’m interest in blending ancient instruments with modern technology and blurring the lines between old and new.

Next to this, i also thought that it was the good time to work on new DJ/Live setup. The idea is to develop magic tools around turntables or cdj. By midi mapping, i think that i found exactly what i was looking for. Now, i hope that sooner we will be able to play gigs.

What was your criterion when producing your last single ‘Enter’ on Elephant Power Records ?

What inspire me the most in 2020 is that we seriously screwed up our planet.  The reality need a change. So i wished to make a track that rise from the beginning to the end. I wanted it, warm, colorful and… like a seasons change metaphor, i wanted to feel progressive variation.  The lockdown drove us into so many isolate situations. For me, it’s where i found a new sound. A sound that i wanted for this new track – Enter (Paradise).

Could you recommend a set that you are especially proud of, and that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube?

I’m using Soundcloud and Youtube mainly for new tracks. But i’m proud about this last dj set i’ve uploaded on my Mixcloud chanel.

What can you tell us about the scene of your city? What would you improve?

Our music scene is powerful, strong and unpredictable. Brussels is a place where everything can happen. In Belgium, you have strong cultures. In the East South side: “Wallonie” and in the West North side “Flanders”. With Brussels in the middle, they are 3 gouvernements for such a small country. Brussels is also not far from Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne. Can you imagine the vibrations..! A lot of great festivals and clubs are based around but with the Covid19 who knows. Everything for the culture is freeze like everywhere. But i wish that unity will help the future of our music culture.

Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?

More new music will come this year. I ‘m working on the mix and mastering for a couple of next singles coming in the first half. I also will do more streaming. You’ll find thru my Instagram . Today i also finished acoustic treatment in my control room, it’s like having new ears. i’m really excited about all the next step.



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