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An interview with Lanowa


Lanowa is one of those top underground producers with a special musical and sound quality, which has managed to penetrate the English label with about 3 references and several remixes for Citizens of Vice. We have. had the pleasure of interviewing him and this has been the result:

1- Firstly please introduce yourself: Hi, my name is Lanowa and I’m a house music producer from Nottingham. When and how did you first get your interest in electronic music It started waaaaay back probably around the time of Adamski – I saw him live and was blown away. I had a Yamaha SY22 and an Atari ST but no idea what I was doing. At the time I was really influenced by LFO, 808 State and Depeche Mode. Me and my best mate (Simon Mills from Bent / Somethin’ sanctified) started a band around that time and did a few local gigs at college. Years later I put out a chill out album under the name Lokumu then spent the last couple of decades making bad trip-hop, before finally getting some new gear, learning to use Ableton and getting in to writing house music.

2- Where have you been locked down and what have you been doing with your time I’ve been locked down at home in Nottingham and have spent my time working, BBQing with my family, writing music and learning to play the bass.

3- What was the idea/inspiration behind your latest EP ‘Thrill Me’ on Citizen of Vice and how did you connect with the label and develop this relationship? I just felt that as we were coming out of lockdown, summer was coming, people were going to be out partying and I’d like to write a few tracks that would be the perfect soundtrack to it all. Music that soundtracks those sunset hours whether it be at home in the garden or with your friends on a beach in Croatia / Ibiza. With regards to the connection with COV Simon introduced me to Warren from the label and since then we have worked together on three EP’s and have a fourth of remixes coming in the summer.

4- Today it seems every producer is a DJ & Vice Versa however you are producer only. Why is this and do you think it helps that you are only championing yourself as a producer? I’m not sure it helps when championing myself but I’ve always preferred being behind the scenes or in the crowd rather than on the stage.

5- Who are you biggest musical influences? To be honest I don’t listen to too much house music as I spend a lot of my time writing it although I often listen to mixcloud mixes from various DJs when working. I often end up listening to Nick Cave or Lana Del Reay which I suppose is probably the least cool thing anyone has ever said in an interview.

6- Tell us 3 producers that you think always hit the spot. Well it would have to be Simon Mills, Bill Brewster & Midfield General for the reasons stated in the next question!!

7- What can you tell us about your present and future projects I have an exclusive track that the legendary Bill Brewster will be putting out on his next After Dark Album (no. 4) which I’m incredibly excited about. I also have a remix coming out on the re-issue of Midfield General’s “Generalisation” album which I’m really, really pleased with. I’m also working with a few vocalists at the moment which is pretty exciting as I’m trying to move away from samples where possible. I also have an E.P coming out soon featuring remixes of some of my tracks by various artists on our label.

8- Finally tell us about the mix? Well Warren from the label has put this one together and it features a host of my music including previously unheard remixes and tracks from my current EP ‘Thrill Me’ so I do hope you all enjoy.

Link https://www.junodownload.com/products/lanowa-thrill-me/5052303-02/

COMPRAR: https://covofficial.bandcamp.com/album/lanowa-thrill-me



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