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An Interview With Letherique from Bella Ursa


We interviewed music producer and dj Leatherique on the occasion of the new release on Bella Ursa, his own label.

Nebula Aranea #2

How did you decide to move into creating a new label?

After many years of sonic activism through parties and web radios, running a label seemed like the next logical step. I also had a hunch I could hopefully contribute something interesting to the music realm, as I usually enjoy doing things a little bit out-of-the-box. So far, it’s not going too bad with all the cool designs we already came up with!

At the same time, I also needed badly an outlet for my own music, especially for the quirkier tracks. Like many struggling producers, I was sitting on hundreds of unfinished tracks. The best ideas were often the most peculiar. In the end, the lack of perspective about what to do with them, along with terrible experiences I had with some people in the business, made me feel like an outcast and brew some rather nasty mental blocks in my mind.  It is only recently that I overcame those thanks to the positive feedback my work got. Now I know exactly what I’m going to do with my music for the years to come and even have some upcoming stuff signed on other labels. It is a very liberating feeling!


What was the first Bella Usa release?

It was the second part of the Emergence series, which is a collection of 3 EPs with my early works as Letherique. The opening track ‘Ursa Bella’ is where the label took its name. It is very dear to me as its wacky patchwork-like composition with multiple influences fully carries the soul of Bella Ursa. It’s certainly not my favorite work, as lots of pain was involved in finishing this track, but its symbolism is quite strong. I’d advise anyone curious about what goes on within the Ursa mindset to start by listening to this.


Could you recommend a set from you that you are especially proud of, and that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube? What makes it stand out?

Oh yeah, definitely the last all night long set I played for my residency at ‘La Kulture’, a small club in my hometown, Stasbourg (France). I’m proud of all of those sets, because I really enjoy the challenge and the club gives me total musical freedom to (for the better or for the worst) experiment things I thought could only be possible in the controlled environment of my home.

But this last one was really something special. People were extra-hungry for partying this summer, so the room was packed within minutes and the vibe was crazy. I could happily hammer it out straight away. To spice things up, I had the ‘great’ idea to play a 4h warm up set elsewhere beforehand. That one was outside and the weather was ridiculously cold. My body didn’t enjoy the transition to the scorching hotness, along with the racing on my bike all around town. Had some terrible cramps in my legs during the whole thing and ended up avoiding drinking any alcohol, something I’ve never done before on a gig. In retrospect, it’s obvious that not being able to sit for 10h with all that chaos going on is something to tread carefully, although it looked easy on paper, ahaha. It was a pretty brutal and satisfying experience!

Listen to the set here


Where would you like to see the label in 5 years time?

I honestly haven’t been giving it many thoughts lately, as I’d rather live in the moment. There are still so many things to do behind the scenes before the Bella Ursa’s mothership escapes Earth velocity and sets its course to Infinity and the Beyond… What I have in mind right now for the future will probably be different once every piece falls into place.

But what I’m hoping for is pretty simple: to keep growing ourselves and get to the point where the label is able to sustain itself financially as projects get more and more ambitious. Never stop moving forward, while making plenty of friends in the process and helping more artists have their music heard. Oh, and it’ll also be swell to maybe have some company for dealing with all the internal stuff!


Finally, what can you tell us about your immediate releases?

We’ve just kicked off our season 2 and things are about to get serious. For the first time, we’ve got several releases lined-up and close to completion, instead of working on a day-by-day basis and battling against the constant and unexpected issues. I can tell you that I clearly won’t have to fill the gaps with my own work as much anymore. It’s mostly albums from people already featured on our VAs. They’ve been hard at work over the past year and everybody is slowly starting to deliver their little babies. Very exciting times indeed!

The first upcoming release will feature some kind of experimental Future Garage with a sweet Burial-esque vibe and a touch of Pop music by a very skilled producer from my hometown. Next one will be something that I’ve been working on with several highly talented friends. All I can say is that it should please the people who enjoyed the Emergence Collection. After that, we’ll be back to LPs, but you’ll also see more Nebula Araneas as I’ve been building several of them simultaneously, thanks to the demos I’ve been receiving and random encounters with lovely people.

To put it into a nutshell, it’s gonna be a good and intense year for the Ursa family!

Nuevo podcast de Letherique, dj y productor, dueño de Bella Ursa, el cual goza de ser uno de los sellos referentes del panorama electrónico más interesante. Recuerda disfrutar de la entrevista que le hicimos hace poco en comolasgrecas.com


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