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An Interview With Luca Vera (Spazio Tempo)


We interviewed DJ and Producer Luca Vera. Italy celebrates the birth of new electronic music label, Spazio Tempo Records

Who is Luca Vera?

I am an Italian DJ and producer. My first approach with the turntable, more than 25 years ago, represented a mixture of mystical feelings and excitement. Watching my friends dancing, and enjoying themselves, has created in me the will to keep pursuing my passion so far as to turn it into a lifestyle. About 15 years ago I started producing music.


Tell about your new LP?

The various experiences that I had throughout the years pushed me to tell my story, and my point of view about electronic music (and music in general). (The idea of) the album was given birth by the need to express the fundamental elements of life inside the studio: the job I make translated into emotions, into notes, into groove. I tried to build a path in ten tracks, the same path that I went through in my life. I tried to translate the stories that I tell the audience in each of my sets, following a well-defined path.

What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music

I become passionate about electronic music because I am a curious person, thus, being easily charmed by experimenting and feeling emotions pushing boundaries. The discovery of sound, frequencies, and unusual rhythms fulfills my life and keeps me going and constantly craving.


Who are your greatest influences?

I don’t think I have someone who influenced me in particular, but the thing that makes me keep working is the everyday discovery of new worlds in my studio. Indeed my studio is what influences me the most!


How would you define your sound?

I would define my sound as “different”, dirty, and very often not too conventional. I constantly live with the need not to resemble nobody else’s sound and I would be glad if someday could acknowledge me a personal sound.


How has your sound evolved so far?

My sound had an ongoing evolution thanks to the experience grown during the years, and thanks to the closeness with my music and life teacher Claudio Coccoluto, who helped me reach worlds that I would have never reached by myself.


What is the scene like in Milan?

The music scene in central Italy is in full swing. In the big cities and in the provincial towns new realities are coming into being, aside from the already existing ones, and after two years we are finally back to see a lot of smiling people with urge to dance, clubs are coming into being again and many young people become passionate about electronic music, luckily.


What else can we expect from you over the next year?

In my near future there are still going to be lots of productions which are going to be released soon, but most importantly I’m going to hang around with my bags full of LPs making lots of people dance, hoping to give feelings, smiles and love!

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