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An interview with R.Missing

We have the great pleasure of interviewing the R.Missing band in full creative effervescence. They recently released: “Placeholder for the Night”, an EP that is difficult to describe in words, except perhaps for how the compositions make you feel. It is an album that will give a lot to talk about. And if not, come in, read and dance.
Who makes up R.Missing? How did you two meet? How did you start making music together?
R. Missing are Sharon Shy and Toppy. We started working on things at cloud height, or at the very least, on a high floor in the skyline.
Who were your teenage idols? Can you share with us the track that changed your life?
Sleepless art gallery and museum docents, maybe. Anyone with specialized knowledge because that’s rare, and nice.
I never heard the track.
What was it like growing up in New York as an artist? How is the scene?
There is a feeling of ennui about it all, forever, always.
Your style oscillates between dark-wave, synth pop, etc. We could go forever if we list all the genres you’ve been assigned to. How would you describe your musical DNA?
I like quietness in music. That’s the DNA. Never excitement, never rage.
You are nurturing a poetic and deep aesthetic that speaks a lot, visually. When you go back to acting, have you thought about deepening your visual concept on stage?
Not in particular, no.
You’ve been touring all around the United States and Europe during the last months / years. Can you share with us the creepiest memory you had on tour?
There was a gîte in the Pyrénées, a lockless vacation house with dummies and curios everywhere.
Were we allowed to or supposed to stay there that night?
I will never know.
What can you tell us about your latest album? How was it born? What do you want to convey?
It is a precondition. I do not want to convey anything. I cannot convey anything.

Who inspires you the most every day?
The automatic writing style of Breton and Soupault, if anything.
What would your dream artistic collaboration be?
I don’t dream.
If R. Missing were a movie, what would it be?
It feels correct to say ‘Alphaville’ by Godard.
What are your next projects on the pipeline?
Can you share with us the last track you’ve been listening to today?
I haven’t heard anything today other than slamming tenement doors and departing train melodies.


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