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An Interview with VOLUPTAS


The Turkish electronic music duo VOLUPTAS is releasing a new remake of the iconic Moloko track, “Sing It Back,” today. With their summery touch, Voluptas brings us a fresh and revitalized version of this classic. Their style spans Indie Dance and Disco, and today we share an exclusive interview to learn more about them.

Hello VOLUPTAS, it’s a pleasure to have you with us. To begin with, could you tell us a bit about your biography and discography?

  • Voluptas is a duo project consisting of two close friends. After playing as resident DJs in various clubs, we decided to combine our vision and musical tastes and formed the band. Being familiar with a lot of rock music in our earlier years, we were familiar with indie music at the beginning of our career. Last April we released an EP with Bonnie Spacey – Nuit Obscure on Critical Monday label. The EP also includes a remix by Malandra JR.

Turkey is well known for its electronic scene, what is the electronic scene like in your city and in the country in general?

  • In fact, Turkey is a very valuable country that connects 3 continents in terms of its geopolitical position. This inspires artists who produce a wide variety of music genres in the country. All guests visiting Turkey can listen to all the music they wish, from house music to techno and all the blends in between, according to their personal preferences.

How would you define your style or genre within electronic music?

  • When we look at our discography, we can say that we are closer to the indie genre. But considering both our tendency to play a wide range of music as old residents and our evolving tastes and moods over time, our latest works were a bit more house based in the studio. We can say that this will be reflected in our upcoming releases.

Tell us about your studio and your way of producing electronic music. What is your creative process like?

  • We each have separate studios in our homes. We focus on coming up with ideas and we try to bring together the elements that the idea wants, without sticking to the genres. When we get stuck, we send our projects to each other and take advantage of the advantage of being two people. Apart from that, Bugra is an ex-guitarist so sometimes he writes the melodies from there. ?brahim is busy with spending time with the drum machine he recently added to his studio.
An Interview with VOLUPTAS
An Interview with VOLUPTAS

Finally, what are your plans for the future and what can we expect from VOLUPTAS in the coming months?

  • To be honest, we visited Bali together a few months ago and it really touched our souls.  The experiences we gained will be reflected in our future projects. It is possible to say that we are getting closer to house beats without losing our core ideas. We can also say that we will take part in various collaborations. We believe that different touches create cool stories in music.

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