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An Interview with Zopelar

The Brazilian DJ and Producer from Sao Paulo interviews us about his latest release on Tartelet, Charme LP.
Hello Zopelar! Nice to have you here on Como las Grecas, well tell us first. How did you get into the world of electronic music production?
Hello! Thank you for the invitation. Well, when I was 17 years old I moved from my countryside hometown to Rio de Janeiro. At this time I was studying classical music and jazz, so I was already into music since my 14’s. In Rio I started having contact with the club culture, and “nu disco” was something popping that time, around 2010’s. So I got really curious about the process of music production and immediately started locking myself into my room making music! And that’s what im still doing so far.
We know that your speciality is deep but, have you released on any other label with other musical styles or other loves?
Yes. I actually produced a lot of different styles! As music producer I love do be behind other projects with different identities that makes me push my boundaries and be out of my comfort zone. Just to list some of the stuff, I produced the album “Pedra Preta” from the band “Teto Preto” as a former member and producer of the band, and also an RnB and new soul artists “L’Homme Statue, which I was touring with recently in Europe, and I also release music under different allies like, “My Girlfriend”, “Radioworkers” and “Sphynx”. Besides that I also make sound design and soundtrack for movies and art installations.
What can you tell us about the scene of your city? What would you improve?
I’m based in São Paulo for 13 years now, so what can I say about the scene here now? If you don’t know it guys, you need to come here to check out yourself because theres no media, boiler rooms or videos that could explain what is real happening in the club music scene in Brazil now! I have a party collective called ODD, so if u pop in our Instagram account you can have an idea of the amazing mix of people, DJS, performer artists, light installations, warehouse venues…. And there’s a ton of other collectives around the biggest cities in Brazil that are really doing an amazing work… of course I don’t know the whole world, but the more I traveled around the globe I never saw something close that what is happening here in Brasil from 5 years to now!
How was the production process of Charme LP?
It was really nice actually! It’s my first collaboration with “Tartelet Records”and I really enjoyed the whole process and how fluid it was. For me is very important to share ideias and have different opinions while doing an album and their support was the key to make it happen! Most of those tracks were made in my new studio, so it has been really special for me. I can’t wait to see the vinyl ready! =)
Finally, what can you tell us about your future projects and gigs?
Sure. Im planning to now sit the most I can to make new music to release next year! I’m also in the process to compose and produce the second album of the artist “L’Homme Statue” which has been something really nice to work on! For the future gigs, since I just came back from an Europe tour now, I will stay in Brazil for the next months. I will play in different cities like Recife, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro to list some… But I’m very excited and with a lot of ideias to be in studio to cook my next releases. Recently I joined the casting of “Sounds Familiar”, and I’m excited about what we are planning for new music collabs, compilations and forthcoming tours.


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