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Anzac Park – Ice [Spinnup Records]


It is quite a discovery to find artists like Anzac Park, the great LGBT alternative pop artist, with roots in New Zealand, Central Europe and Great Britain, on the market. His productions oxygenate a scene that tends to pigeonhole and lack self-awareness, because his tracks are self-critical, they are a reflective portrait of the Generation, and this is demonstrated by his eclectic style.

“Ice” is the lead single from the upcoming Anzac Park EP, partially inspired by the tribulations of navigating identity and relationships as an LGBT teenager and also by the experience of spending adolescence in an unforgiving urban setting after a childhood in a little city. Its sound resonates from the depths, and manages to enter a unique and very personal sonic cosmos, encompassing a wide range of sound textures.

With this work he has managed to represent a refined and elegant sound, which heralds the career of an artist full of notable virtues, presenting nuances so unique and fresh that they manage to shape unique pieces. The aesthetic is melancholic and minimalist but also slightly surreal, dominated by shades of blue and purple. Driven by atmospheric synths and a restless beat, the song evokes the cool feeling of a blue sunrise after a long night in the city. All this comes together to combine a work so intense and addictive, that it takes over itself like a sweet poison, while transporting us progressive and boisterous, as few producers with a determined fluidity are willing to do …

All of these tracks come together, in the manner of a philosophical essay, until they combine an sound as experimental as it is intense and addictive, condensing two ideas that it seemed that we were no longer going to recover: future and permanence.

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