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Art Department – Natural Selection [No.19 Music] (2014)


3 Years have passed since the debut of the Canadian duo of Art Department (Jonny White & Kenny Glasgow), 3 years of the ‘The Drawing Board’ in the label of Crosstown Rebels, and now comes their second studio album, ‘Natural Selection’ in the Canadian label of No. 19 Music (Jonny White & Nitin), an album that shows an evolution in their music and the way of composing the album, an album that is accompanied by a world tour of the same, an album with 14 tracks (3 of them, interludes, more one intro), in which show us their dark side, more trippy, more deeper. An album more mature, and with a slower tempos, dreamy synths, disturbing and captivating voices.
An album in which the creative process has changed, for this album, each of them working on their own, in a recent interview commented that Kenny Glasgow recorded voices and melodies and sent them to Jonny, who was in charge of adding the drums and arrangements, and returned to send the jobs each, up to complete the album, a way of working, in which they have felt more comfortable each of them, with more freedom.
On the album we find 3 tracks that incorporate contributions from friends, as the single presentation of the album, ‘Cruel Intentions’ featuring Seth Troxler singing, ‘Kisses for Roses’ with that peculiar voice of Aquarius Heaven, or the psychotropic ‘The Hunt’ with the collaboration of BLUD.

Art Department – Natural Selection [No.19 Music NO19CD007] (17 November, 2014)
1- Natural Selection (Intro) 2:49
2- It’t Through (Original Mix) 4:09
3- The Agent (Original Mix) 4:01
4- Kisses For Roses Feat Aquarius Heaven (Original Mix) 4:31
5- JD 4 AD (Interlude) 0:12
6- These Eyes (Original Mix) 4:50
7- The Hunt Feat BLUD (Original Mix) 6:05
8- Crazy (Original Mix) 5:56
9- Cruel Intentions Feat Seth Troxler (Original Mix) 4:13
10- Breath Easy (Interlude) 1:52
11- Walls (Original Mix) 4:20
12- MACBA (Interlude) 1:23
13- In The Wake (Original Mix) 3:52
14- Catch You By Surprise (Original Mix) 4:52

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