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Art Department presents Martina Topley Bird feat. Mark Lanegan & Warpaint – Crystalised [No.19 Music] (2013)


Excellent cover of a classic of current music, song of The XX and its ‘Crystalised’ now adequiere new life with this cover led by the Canadian duo of Art Department (Jonny White & Kenny Glasgow) for the Canadian label of No. 19 Music, a project that arises when The XX was called to Martina Topley Bird (the distinctive female voice in the first albums of Tricky and later with their own albums) to record a version of Crystalised for a compilation of the group, but in the end The XX released new album, remaining secluded that new version of the track; so now directed by Art Deparment told the voices of Martina and a classic and a great singer of the rock scene of the last 20 years as it is Mark Lanegan and the indie-art-psychedelic band of Los Angeles of Warpaint, the voices were recorded in London with Martina and Mark, while Warpaint work from the desert in Los Angeles, a version deep, with excellent arrangements, a powerful bass and strings that accompanies the amazing vocals, all accompanied by a fantastic video that combines animation with pictures of Martina and Mark singing the song. (Original version only on digital edition)

And to accompany this wonderful version, a large pack of remixes, to start with Director’s Cut (with the legendary House producer of Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper) with Signature Mix and Unmarked Dub, in which takes priority the sweet voices, and some arrangements more oriented to the house, for the dance floor, extending the track at 7 minutes, very sweet and smooth, a very fine remix; from France, another great as Agoria is responsible for slowing down the track, give more deep, take it to the nearly 8 minutes, with an excellent class and quality, minimizing the vocals, and now a melancholic and spectacular development, epic remix; Deniz Kurtel gives a special touch, add deep and darkness, being in the foreground the drums and bass, excellent remix; and to close the EP, from San Francisco with Tone of Arc (only Digital Edition), slowing the remix and adding synthesizers and new digital effects with a dark and dense atmosphere.

Now on sale the vinyl Edition, the digital will be published October 7

Buy Vinyl @ Juno (30 September, 2013)
No.19 Music @ Beatport (7 October, 2013)

Art Department presents Martina Topley Bird feat. Mark Lanegan & Warpaint – Crystalised [No.19 Music No.19 Music] (7 October, 2013)
Side A
1 Crystalised (Director’s Cut Signature mix) 07:03
2 Crystalised (Director’s Cut Unmarked Dub) 06:48
Side B
1 Crystalised (Agoria remix) 07:44
2 Crystalised (Deniz Kurtel remix) 07:25

1 Crystalised (original mix) 03:51
2 Crystalised (Director’s Cut Signature mix) 07:03
3 Crystalised (Director’s Cut Unmarked Dub) 06:48
4 Crystalised (Agoria remix) 07:44
5 Crystalised (Deniz Kurtel remix) 07:25
Bonus Beatport: Crystalised (Agoria Remix (Dixon Vocal Retouch)) 7:41


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