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Batongo – Aguirre Remixes [Degustibus Music] (2013)


The label of Degustibus Music continues its high quality in every new publication, published a year ago of Batongo the wonderful composition called ‘Aguirre’ (inspired by Herzog’s movie and the Popol Vuh ‘s atmospheres), amazing song, delicious 10 minutes ended with the characteristic sound of the label, and now comes the pack remixes, and 3 huge remixes for this wonder, to begin with Mano Le Tough, keeping that special atmosphere of the original composition adds new elements mixed with the sounds of the brilliant film W. Aguirre Herzog, deep; Rubini, spectacular, amazing, the work done on the original, turn it into a work of art, a killer remix, danceable rhythms, spectacular environment that is created in the remix; and to the digital edition, includes a bonus track, the remix of Fango, with a unique sound, with a transformation of the original in a spectacular and powerful with those drums and percussion in command of the composition. Excellent remixes for this brilliant composition of Batongo.

Batongo – Aguirre Remixes [Degustibus Music DEGU 008] (27 May, 2013) Buy @ Beatport
1 Aguirre (Mano Le Tough remix) 07:59
2 Aguirre (Rubini Amazon remix) 07:44
3 Aguirre (Fango remix) 07:36
4 Aguirre 09:49


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