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Bedford Falls Players – Cool Bango EP [EJ Underground] (2015)


The british imprint of EJ Underground celebrates the reference number 100 since its debut in April of 2013 with a new EP from Bedford Falls Players, a formation led by a veteran, with more than 20 years since he started in the production and DJ, the British of Mark Cooper, and that along with Terry Farley, Rob Webb Justin Drake and Mike Wesson form Bedford Falls Players and who now sign this new EP, their fourth EP from their debut in 2012, ‘Cool Bango’ with the collaboration of Bob Miles, an excellent track of more than 7 minutes in which recover the essence of the house with a touch of acid at the end of the 90s, a powerful bassline, a cut with a deep atmospheres and epic environments; and accompanying this new single, with a pack of remixes, the first with the French duo of Acid Washed with a remix of more than 8 minutes in which added beeps and forceful, as well as more futuristic sound, amazing remix; meanwhile, Allan MacKenzie (half of D:rem), leads us to a few atmospheres more deep and enigmatic, raising the tempo of the tracak and with more than 9 minutes of remix; Leo Zero accentuates the acid elements of the original track, and brutal percussion, with all the flavour of the 90s; and finally, Paul Sawyer, owner of the imprint, ups the tempo of the original cut, and adds a new deeper vocal parts, along with the acid of the original elements.

Bedford Falls Players – Cool Bango EP [EJ Underground EJU 100] (4 March, 2015)
1 Bedford Falls Players – Cool Bango (Original Mix) 7:19
2 Bedford Falls Players – Cool Bango (Acid Washed Remix) 8:28
3 Bedford Falls Players – Cool Bango (Alan MacKenzie Untitled Mix) 9:06
4 Bedford Falls Players – Cool Bango (Leo Zero Remix) 8:16
5 Bedford Falls Players – Cool Bango (Paul Sawyer Remix) 6:28

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