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BeGun – San Francisco EP [Subterfuge] & Interview(2013)


Yesterday was published the long-awaited debut EP from Dj / Producer from Barcelona of BeGun, member of duo SuperCola, formation with which it has shared the stage with countless artists and toured a lot of number of scenarios and cities, now gives the jump to individual productions, from the hand of label Subterfuge comes this highly anticipated debut, a risky proposition, not usual in this country, with most common sounds in the UK scene, great song ‘San Francisco’, a tracks that has been preceded by a promotional video made by Borja V. Conde, a track with melodies, sweet rhythms and a particular atmosphere that traps us with a great production. To accompany this, the remixes have been made with international producers, like teh producer from USA, Giraffage (from French label Kitsune) who slow handles the track, give a more atmospheric, from London, Doc Daneeka, is responsible for bringing the track to house and danceable rhythms, and from Belgium, Voltron, approaching the track to house rhythms, without losing the magic of the original track.

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– How are the jump to SuperCola to beGun?

More than a jump, as such, it has been slow and a lot of work in the shade. The project of SuperCola I have a special affection for what he has given us all these years professionally and personally to me and to Pol, but the project had a clear ceiling … and there came a time when I needed to move forward, away from the concept of dj, as such on the table and put my music, not so much the music of others.
Viewed from the distance, it has been a natural change. For years I haven’t imported to work “del revés” or having slept one or two hours .. now is different (though still sleeping the same time). Now that time that I dedicated to to edit, crop, sharpen and adjust matters outside, I dedicate it to my own. It’s what I like and what I’ve always loved since I was a kid … and it’s the only thing I enjoy without thinking about anything else. Maybe the jump I gave when I finally realized it.

– In principle, Begun seems a risky proposition for this country, how you see it?

From a strictly business point of view, it is clear that with a this musical way, you have all the possibilities to catch you fingers in this country. But it all depends on how you approach the project. I do not do this for a living (I wish I get it!) But simply for the sheer love of art. beGun is the music that I like to hear it, it is music that i like to compose and music I like it to show others. It’s my baby … by ugly it is, every parent is always proud of his baby.
That said, I sincerely believe that in this country there is talent in abundance. What there is not a strong enough background check “Spain” sufficiently recognized to help us export … but there are artists who are making great songs, there are, and there are many..

– What is the creative process and that media you used it?

The creative process always happens at first, to find a powerful harmonic basis for the track. I spend days obsessed with the basic harmony of the song, the leit motif of 8, 16 or 32 compass that define the track … and once I found it, how i see it from the front and back, I mix it (a lot of times, bad) and mastering it! And although some tracks do not give that feeling, which is always trying to maintain the rule of “less is more”: more elements not get the track sound better, in fact, the opposite usually happens. I think ‘San Francisco’ is a track that sounds relatively good because the message is clear … and still, to this day, if I had it to do over again, I would use 3 or 4 backing tracks less.
In terms of media, I always use Ableton Live. Purists will say that the audio engine is not as good as in other sequencers, but it gives to you the versatility you have not found in any other program. Always Live, with some analog synths for specific sounds, the righteous and good VSTs sample libraries.

– How you think to make the live performances?

For the time being only one and beGun, I think it’s best to make it easy for yourself to enjoy it, ergo, to do enjoy the people.It would be pointless to make a live with 20 synths if I will not be able to get the advantage they have it. The djsets / lives that I’ve done to date are always with Live and 3 MIDI controllers plus an iPad to control the sequencer. In this sense, the legacy of SC is clear: although the genre is far from what I did before, I still maintain the same standard in live. Mixtures agile, edited traacks, retuned and cut to my liking and many live fx.
Moreover, one of the inputs I’ve worked from day one is the need to incorporate a visual means to music and for that I have the help of a master in this art, Borja Conde, the director of the video San Francisco. We are working hard to bring a live experience that is not only musical, but also visual for the viewer. And it is not original and evocative visual put on a session of electronic music, that’s already seen … but make music and image are all one and that there is communication between both parties in both directions. At the launch party in Miscellaneous propose something like this, must it polish and improve it much, but there’s no rush. We are both clear about where we want to take the live project level.

– What have been your main influences?

Many and varied: Mount Kimbie, Nosaj Thing, Owsey, Com Truise, Chaos in the CBD, Ambassadeurs, Giraffage, Floating Points, Girl unit, Talabot, Gold Panda, Sepalcure, xxxy, Tropics, Purity Ring, Rustie, Joy Orbison, Kastle, Addison Groove, Koreless, Alizzz, Headbirds among many others.
This is a time of rich musical transition.

– From that release, what are your next projects?

The same day the EP of San Francisco came to light, was at my house with the Live opened with the song that will publish in the second EP, Shanghai. Today, the music business do not expect to you. To enchant you, you’re out. If you are not prolific, you’re out. And this works such as, no second chances if you screw up. That’s something I have clear … or the second EP is better than the first, or because you can pick up the project.
In the coming months, I will work non-stop, prepare well the 2nd ep, look good remixes, remixers and try to find good export projects outside Spain. In parallel, I have some ideas in mind that I can not/must to tell it, but I hope that work well … streamings, contests, new formats of tracks, video, etc.. We will see if there is opportunity to see the light those projects. What if I have clear, is that I’m going to see little the sunlight.


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