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Benno Blome & Ada feat. Rachele – Zen Cruiser [Senzen Records SENZEN 5] (2014)


The Cologne based label and run by Benno Blome of Senzen Records, a long time without news since your last reference in the summer of 2012, and today releases new EP, amazing release, a collaboration between Benno Blome & Ada for the track ‘Zen Cruiser’, a collaboration that dates back to 2007 when they began to compose this track, seven years have passed since then, and the track has evolved to the current date that have joined Rachele Riedemann sing-narrate the track, a magical and delicious track, 8 minutes in which the melodies, synthesizers and voice of Rachele merge to create a magical and unique atmosphere; and accompanying the track, 2 remixes from Berlin, first with Tigerskin, upping the tempo and with a somewhat darker and more for the club sound with epic moments for the sung parts of the track; and with the excellent producer Sid Le Rock aka Pan/Tone, with another excellent remix, upping the tempo and the sound more near to Deep Techno, melodic techno know how well run Sid Le Rock, adding more magic and charm to the track, amazing remix.

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