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Beppe Loda Presents Egotrya – Wind [Nang Records NANG126] (2014)


The summer ended, September arrived, and the return of the British label Nang Records, which for the occasion brings us the project of veteran producer Beppe Loda aka Francesco Boscolo of Egotrya, a project that 2 years ago published his album of ‘Four Elements’ on the label of ‘People In The Sky’ and including the track ‘ Wind (Stella Vocal), and now Nang recovered this amazing track with a great pack of remixes, the original with all spacy of the 70s-80s, synthesizers, sound a timeless track over 7 minutes which is complemented with 4 remixes from Andromeda Orchestra (Robin Lee of Faze Action), first with the Extended Mix, with a classical piano and taking the track directly to the dance floor, and the ‘Extended Dub’ of the same mix, and then with the fun ‘Post Mic Remix’, which includes a tribute to Mike Post, legendary composer of TV series in the 80s, and the short version of this mix, called ‘Garner The Edit’, and JMRS with 2 remixes, ‘Garden Party Remix’, with a more melancholic and nostalgic sound and ‘Hollywood & Vine Remix’, with most synthesizers and futuristic; and closing the EP with the new version, ‘Beppe Loda Version’ with large developments of synthesizers. Let’s fly away….

Pre-Order (Released date: 15 September, 2014)


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