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Bird of Paradise – Baal EP [Correspondant] (2015)


This past month of June the producer from Leeds of Bird of Paradise aka Jo Howard was one of the guest artists in the compilation ‘Correspondant Compilation 03’, label founded by Jennifer Cardini, an arrival of Bird of Paradise to the label that which is produced after his debut at the end of 2014 with ‘Airbourne EP’ on Itchy Pig and ‘Fundamentals Of Movement EP’ on Join Our Club, a few releases in which this artist presented his vision of electronic music that was invited to sign remixes for artists such as Man Power (Throne Of Blood), William Earl (Nein Records), Konkret Cutz and Lizards (Join Our Club) or Freudenthal (TUNNYL Records) and participate in the recent compilation of the Japanese imprint of Blindetonation Records, and now presents his new EP for the label of Correspondant under the name of ‘Baal EP’, a new and excellent EP from Bird of Paradise, in which the producer presents 3 new compositions, his precise way of composing, and create magical melodies, cuts that are complemented with a remix, a remix that is signed by one of the artists most respected and prestigious in the moment, the German dj and producer of Phillip Lauer, an artist with a long history, whether as Lauer or Brontosaurus among other aliases, or as a member of Tuff City Kids, Hotel Lauer, Black Spuma or Talamanca System among others, an artist that is synonymous of high quality, and that on this occasion is at the service of Bird of Paradise and Correspondant.

The debut of Bird of Paradise on Correspondant opens with ‘Brothel Drummer’, with its slow tempo, magical melodies of dreamy, with percussion that are constantly hitting and synthesizers that go flying and floating in the middle of the melodies that create a dark and mysterious atmospheres with paradisiacal landscapes, sounds bubbling and watery for a delicious composition for opening this release; with the next cut of ‘Baal’, remain crystalline melodies, the magical and dreamy atmosphere, percussions and strange sounds accompany this hypnotic and melancholic journey, with impeccable, careful and precise development; the last original cut is ‘And The Half Light’, with metal percussion, and sinister synths, dark and mysterious atmospheres with a tension that develops throughout the duration of the track, always maintaining a state of alert, magic and pulsating rhythms that are directly aimed at the mind to make it travel far.

Completing the EP of Bird of Paradise with the Lauer remix for the cut of ‘Baal’, a brilliant new work of this great producer, complete reconstruction of the original, by lengthening the cut up to more than 6 minutes and adding a new Disco and Italo rhythms, a look at the 80s, a rhythm for the dance floor, to enjoy under the neon lights throwing light and colors, adding smiles and happiness to the original composition.

Bird of Paradise – Baal EP [Correspondant CORRESPONDANT38] (27 November, 2015)
1 Bird of Paradise – Brothel Drummer (Original Mix) 5:33
2 Bird of Paradise – Baal (Original Mix) 5:42
3 Bird of Paradise – And the half Light (Original Mix) 5:29
4 Bird of Paradise – Baal (Lauer Remix) 6:34

Pre-Order 12″ @ Kompakt (December 11, 2015)


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