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Black Cadmium – Chemistry [Naive] (2020)


Black Cadmium uses this EP to choose and slide smoothly to the limits of the genre of acid, house and breakbeat music, with Chemistry (Naive). This duo from Rotterdam is resolutely staying within bounds through four original tracks and a remix of Till The Break Of Dawn. Uncomplicated and engaging from the start, and after publishing on labels such as Vault Wax, Josh Wink’s Ovum and Carista’s United Identities, they are back with Chemistry, which is a breath of fresh air that invites the listener into the artist duo’s personal space by Joginda Macnack and Mike Richards.

The EP opens with Everything, equal parts acid bopper epic, late 80s classic Chicago jack, and early 90s plastikman techno. Finally, Sexy Acid’s explosive techno jungle vibes that combine classic cuts, 303s and thunderous 4/4 beats for flush. Black Cadmium songs flow, rather than follow: one has the feeling that the elements flow in and out rather than assembling a structure.

And the thing is, it gave the impression that from their previous work, this duo of producers had been nourished for years by all kinds of dance music, which allowed them to apply, with a multitude of registers, endless sound possibilities. This versatility returns in their latest EP, repeating the same formula without seeming redundant, with that magical gift they have for organizing energetic and dizzying sounds: «Chemistry EP» is lightning and moves to the beat like no one else, accompanied by a brilliant remix of Till The Break Of Dawn himself.

The ensemble is a progression of chords that are like serotonin pumps, with which he manages to make this brilliant EP, also a testimony to a complex era. And it is that it gives the impression that Black Cadmium takes advantage of this album to send us a deeper message: Releasing a childhood of the history of electronic music that is also that of a generation, faithful to its music and message: up the rhythm and down the differences.



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