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Blindetonation Compilation 01 [Blindetonation Records] (2015)


The Japanese producer of Kezokichi, so far was surprising with his excellents remixes and tasteful sets, and to continue surprising launches a new label, Blindetonation Records, and to present this new label, in the first reference, publishes a compilation, an excellent and highly recommended compiled in which Japanese producer features 12 tracks from 12 artists from around the world representing that sound called ‘chuggy disco’, with influences from new wave, EBM, techno, disco, electronic, cosmic, each artist with his particular vision of electronic music, 12 tracks, 80 minutes, 12 artists of excellent quality.
Opening this compiled with British producer of Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary) and his ‘Keys For Your Keeper (Dub)’ a cosmic trip with a magical synthesizers; a cosmic trip that continues with the British produceer of Kieran Holden and his ‘Stubbies’ with a more hypnotic rhythms; from Marseille with La dame Noir feat. Mounissa with its slow-tempo of ‘Hush’ take us on a journey more mysterious and dark with a delicious vocals by Mounissa; the French duo of Club Bizarre presented their ‘Trip To Holy Land’ with 8 minutes which incorporate rhythms more disco, fun and good vibes; returning to UK by the hands of Tronik Youth (Nein Records) with his ‘The Past’ with that sound somewhat more dirty, raw and direct, with a dark vocals and light touches of acid; from Mexico, the producer of Lokier, approaches us to the mystery and darkness zone with her ‘Monster Plot’; returning to France by the hands of Sebastien Tex with his hypnotic ‘La Pampa’, with guitars and reverberations; from UK with Duncan Gray (Tici Taci) takes us cosmic-galactic trip with a touch of acid with ‘Kickintrusion’, 8 minutes of slow tempo that traps us to blow the mind; and again in Mexico, this time with Tkuz and his ‘Calor de la Noche’, full of dark, mysterious, claustrophobic atmospheres; from France, with the presentation of the new label of Mange_Moi with 9 minutes of ‘100 Scrupules’, bright composition, touch disco, mystery, spaceships and lasers, a cosmic trip; another French producer, Markus Gibb with his enigmatic ‘Vipère Lubrique’ with mysterious vocals and catchy rhythms; and completing the compilation from UK with the duo of People Get Real (Join Our Club) with their apocalyptic ‘Tang’ with touches of Post-punk, disco and some psychedelic atmospheres. Highly recommended album.

Pre-Order Exclusive @ Juno

Blindetonation Compilation 01 [Blindetonation Records BLDN001] (16 March, 2015)
1 Jamie Paton – Keys For Your Keeper (dub) (Original Mix) 07:16
2 Kieran Holden – Stubbies (Original Mix) 06:08
3 La Dame Noir – Hush (feat Mounissa) (Original Mix) 06:22
4 Club Bizarre – Trip To Holy Land (Original Mix) 08:04
5 Tronik Youth (Original Mix) 04:08
6 Lokier – Monster Plot (Original Mix) 05:26
7 Sebastien Tex – La Pampa (Original Mix) 05:56
8 Duncan Gray – Kickintrusion (Original Mix) 08:04
9 Tkuz – Calor De La Noche (Original Mix) 05:40
10 Mange_Moi – 100 Scrupules (Original Mix) 08:46
11 Markus GIBB – Vipere Lubrique (Original Mix) 06:14
12 People Get Real – Tang (Original Mix) 06:51


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