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Bot’Ox – Goodbye Fantasy [I’m A Cliche CLICHE 054] (6 January, 2014)


We started the new year with the latest single from French duo Bot’Ox (Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz) on the french imprint of I’m A Cliché, before the forthcoming deluxe edition of their album ‘Sans Dormir’ for the occasion and they have selected the track ‘Goodbye Fantasy’ featuring the singer Mark Kerr (Bot’Ox regular contributor, as he sang in his previous album and on the lives by Bot’Ox, besides singing and playing guitar), the track with a more pop sound of the album, and to this track as pop, accompanying four remixes with more electronic sounds, from Belfast with Phil Kieran (Le Carousel ), virtually eliminating the vocals, leaving a bare minimum with echoes and bases more techno and dark, approaching the remixto a club scene during near of 7 minutes; the duo of In Flagranti, transform the original track with his remix called ‘Sleepy Dub’ with dub/reggae rhythms, Jamaican sound, and very relaxed, and slowed vocals; Roman Azzaro aka Rouge Mécanique with an excellent blend of guitars and techno elements, and a strong drums; and to complete the EP, with the producer from Tel Aviv, and now resident in Berlin of Moscoman with a brilliant remix, with those slow and dark rhythms, catchy percussion and guitars and synthesizers sharp, with some vocal effects and small touches of acid for this brilliant track reconstruction.

directed by Pierre Teulières and Clément Vallos
produced by Kuryakin


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