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Boy Harsher – Pain 12″ [Oráculo Records] (2015)


From Northampton (Massachusetts), we get “Pain”, an EP by the duo composed by Augustus Muller and Jae Matthews, more popularly known as Boy Harsher, which has seen the light in the catalan imprint of Oráculo Records in a careful Edition of 300 copies on 180 gram, a remastered vinyl by Alek Stark at Fundamental audio.

This North American duo practice a sound that rides between the minimal wave and synth of dark origin with outbreaks of classic EBM. Augustus Muller taking the reins of synthesizers and Jae Matthews in the vocal section, their musical career began at the beginning of 2013 under the name of Teen Dreamz, producing songs shorter and less oriented to the dance floor, up to the year 2014 where born Boy Harsher, billing issues more instrumental tracks and more danceable, dynamic and spontaneous.

Their first EP was recorded in Savannah using small collection of cheap synthesizers. These recordings just passing under the direction of veteran engineer and producer Peter Mavrogeorgis at Dollhouse Studios. Later, Boy Harsher complete their EP of “Lesser Man”, who initially sees the light on a cassette edition to be edited this same year 2015 in CD format.

Open this work with “Pain”, a perfect fusion of minimal synth and “soft” EBM, with the ethereal voice of Jae as main protagonist and a mysterious, danceable and intense sound.

“Lust” bets on the darkwave to dark dyes with the deep voice of singer and a very endearing melodic synth notes.

A well defined bass drum/box with a fast-paced rhythm serve to introduce ourselves on “Modulations”, a song close to the raw and powerful rhythms of the EBM with percussive elements with much punch.

Finally, with “Spell” motorik rhythm will bring our heads productions from bands like Tropic of Cancer or The Kvb. This redoubled bass that both pleases us and so own sound vocal contribution more darkwave put the finishing touch to a great EP.

Boy Harsher – Pain 12″ Ltd. Edition EP [Oráculo Records OR06] (15 November, 2015)
1. Boy Harsher – Pain (Original Mix) 07:19
2. Boy Harsher – Lust (Original Mix) 03:04
3. Boy Harsher – Modulations (Original Mix) 04:21
4. Boy Harsher – Spell (Original Mix) 03:19

Buy 12″ hand numbered limited edition of 300 copies on 180 gr @ Oráculo Records Bandcamp


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