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Breakbot – Get Lost [Because Music France] (2016)


One of the big banners of sound Ed Banger, is Frenchman Thibaut Berland a.k.a. Breakbot which appeared on the scene thanks to the label Moshi Moshi in 2007 with their Ep “Happy Rabbit”. This visual artist, is one of the great soldiers of the french touch, thanks to its successful remix Pnau. The Parisian has demonstrated its affiliation to the cause in their different singles, by filling the electronic disco-funk scene but also presenting a tilt toward the pop more than chewing gum, where sound nuances to Michael Jackson or Prince.

For this occasion Breakbot featuring “Get Lost”, one of the major issues that surely has not come out of your Ipod this past 2015, where Breakbot really shows how the spend to bring us an experience wonderfully funky, disco and soul. The Ep is accompanied with remixes of Emperor Machine, Kiwi, Redinho or the cover to Jamaica band.

The first Groove is charge of the of The Emperor Machine producer aka Andy Meecham, a teacher, collector of synthesizers, lover of analog sounds, coming from the end of the 80s to brighten up our ears, as a member of Bizarre Inc and later Chicken Lips. Signature this time two exquisite bouquet, one with vowels and other courts in key dub, where a fat, thick bassline merges with treated similar sounds to perfection, as which Alchemy perpetrated by a white magician, in his almost ten minutes of remix. The remix itself has a clear sound perfect acid Chicago to dance.

As second Court appears remix of English producer known Redinho of the likes of Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, gives us a portion of 90s Hip hop nostalgic, with its incredible sound funky enhances the original, thanks to the addition of synthetic melodies well seasoned, a battery with minimal changes in a remix with a unique and unmistakable sound to the delight of the listener.

English producer signs the third remix Kiwi, generating a record worthy of the footballer Cowley Odyssey. A track full of cosmic sounds which make of bodyguards to a low synthetic and thickness, walking along the theme, new rhythms much more club to sign one of the best remix that possibly the artist has signed from my humble point of view.

To close the disk, displayed the cover of the acclaimed band, Jamaica, formed by Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet Parisians. These made their own interpretation of the theme, with an interesting sound, that we can’t help but look, thanks to the sweet refrains of the original.


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