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Bufi – Cosmoattack [Duro records] (2016)


One of the producers of higher quality of Mexico, Mateo González aka Bufi, finally publishes his anticipated new material under the name as you released, after 4 years of waiting for their fans after wonderful singles, which him crowned as best new artist in 2012, as it was ‘Will Be’ électrique music. This brilliant artist present their latest EP Cosmoattack, on his label hard. Cosmoattack song was titled under the name of one of their dogs, Cosmo, and the same Mateo described the sound of the track as to what would be a trip on acid with your dog…

From our point of view, Cosmoattack is a solid issue, with an evolving structure, where a low powerful guide theme conjurandose with a few dark vocals and synthesized hypnotic melodies. A journey apotheosis of almost six minutes, where fun and dancing go hand path of the dancefloor.

The second cut the artist brings it under the spleen Alec Sander a.k.a. Mijo, multidisciplinary and multifaceted artist, presents a remix of acid, with a forceful box coupled to details that ask and respond, in a fluid, awakening-oriented dialogue part more rave of the original.

Finally Mr. Gonzalez is marked an Odyssey album, which remind us of the funniest inception Bufi, showing his perfect mastery of the disc in another original apotheosis batteries that breathe through all its pores, the atmosphere of the Paradise Garage with a perfect, seasoned pace of a few vowels in English, appearing at times key as these small snippets of spring , on a journey of epic and cosmic character at the same time. All a wonder that will surely make us dance this summer to more than one.

Another great Ep signed by this great Mexican producer in its own stamp and that shows us once again the perfect physical form which is currently.


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