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Butch – The Persistence Of Memory EP [Visionquest VQ039] (2014)


To label of Visionquest for the new reference brings us to the chameleon electronic producer of Butch (Bülent Gürler) with 3 new tracks made ??in collaboration with was studio partner Hohberg (Sebastian Hohberg) and his new protege C. Vogt for this ‘The Persistence of Memory EP’ which opens with the epic of more than 12 minutes ‘Peyote’ (Butch & Hohberg) a psychedelic trip with a very trippy atmosphere, mysterious, and a percussions that hypnotize us and lead us to that trip lysergic; ‘Ozymandias’ (Butch & Hohberg) closer to dancefloor track, more deep, and very hypnotic, which traps us in its textures; and ‘Missing Channels’ (Butch & C. Vogt) with a darker atmospheres, with atmspheric and industrial sounds. And to complete in EP, the digital edition includes a different, version of ‘Peyote (Atmo Trip)’ more psychedelic and almost 13 minutes of lysergic trip.

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