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C.A.R. – Glock’d EP [kill the dj] (2015)


The artist Chloé Raunet aka C.A.R., after publishing the wonderful album ‘My Friend’ last year, which preceded by the EP ‘Idle Eyes’ with a bright collection of remixes, now comes a new EP, in its digital edition in the imprint of kill the dj (with 2 tracks and 2 remixes) and the vinyl edition on the imprint of Les Disques De La Mort (2 remixes), an EP that opens with ‘Glock ‘d’, song included on her album, and now is complemented by a video, excellent track with the beautiful voice of Chloe and a guitars and percussions to compose this delicate song, and is accompanied by an unreleased song, ‘Silk’, beautiful and amazing composition, melancholy, a live recorded song this past winter, and the EP is complemented with 2 remixes, the first with the duo of The Asphodells (Andrew Weatherall & Timothy J Fairplay) for the track ‘Glock’d’ with 10 minutes of epic galactic and cosmic, with a crude bass, sharp guitars and the sweet voice of Chloe traveling in an epic starship, killer remix; and on the other hand, from Lithuania with Manfredas and his remix for ‘Angelina’, on the previous EP included the instrumental remix, and in this occasion the vocal remix, Manfredas bright work, with 8 killer minutes, hypnotic sound, sinuous melodies, another amazing remix.

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C.A.R. – Glock’d EP [Les Disques De La Mort DLM 004B] (2 March, 2015)
Side 1
1 C.A.R. – Glock’d (The Asphodells remix) 9:53
Side 2
1 C.A.R. – Angelina (Manfredas vocal remix) 8:08

C.A.R. – Glock’d EP [kill the dj 66894] (2 March, 2015)
1 C.A.R. – Glock’d (Original Mix) 3:33
2 C.A.R. – Silk (Original Mix) 3:02
3 C.A.R. – Glock’d (The Asphodells Remix) 9:53
4 C.A.R. – Angelina (Manfredas Vocal Remix) 8:08


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